PDP 2021: Federation of PDP Youths writes an open letter to Anambra PDP delegates. Says, save Anambra from bad governance.

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Read the openly letter below.


Dear PDP delegates:

Save Anambra By Giving US A GOOD AND QUALITY CANDIDATE ..!!!

Even a blind man in his scope of being blind will at the current outplay of events in the APC and APGA totally agree with us the Federation of PDP Youths Anambra Chapter that the Onus of rescuing Ndi Anambra and it’s state entirely lays solely on the palms of PDP as a political party alone.

As a youth political structure that is currently mobilizing it’s members all over the state will not fail to concur with the glaring fact that Once PDP as a political party produces a wrong choice of candidate as it’s guber flag bearer, then Anambra will only be left at the mercies of the Divine to move futher (may God forbid).

Political differences, personal interest, and overriding public interests by individuals in a large political party has always been the bane of producing wrong choice of guber candidates over the years.

Anambra as a state is in dire need of a saviour to salvage our state from the claws of bad governance, just like the biblical coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who came to the world for the sake of humanity and that is what every Delegate in the forthcoming PDP primary should anticipate stand for.

Every party delegate must understand that the problem in the state is greater than the personal financial inducement one may receive in other One’s choice of candidate.

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The delegates must understand that PDP as a political party is anchored with the people’s decision as final (power to the people) and this time around every one must join hands together in re-enginering the party towards serving the interest of humanity and our people.

The power to the people as a slogan must come into existence if truly, we are concerned with the plight of the common man on the street and that is why we must get it right this time.

The PDP delegates must try as much as possible to salvage the people’s anger towards bad governance with presenting them with an opportunity of presenting a quality candidate, quiet experienced and prepared to serve the people as the party guber flag bearer in the state.

The PDP delegates must as a matter of urgency drop personal, selfish, emotional and bias interest’s at the gate of entering the party primaries venue before proceeding to perform it’s obligation as a party delegate.

Every PDP delegates must view the upcoming primary election as a day set aside to engineer a rebuilding process for our people and our government institutions in the state after experiencing one of the worst leadership of APGA led government in the state.

The PDP delegates must not view this elections from the prisms of proving loyalty to stakeholders, godfather’s or aspirants of any kind.

We must understand that the process of redeveloping our beloved state is a collective task with the process starting through a political party primaries and then transcends to the general election and that is why, we must not toil with this chances nor sacrifice good governance at the alter of self enrichments.

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The delegates must also take note of the fact that the federation of PDP Youths Anambra state chapter is keenly watching and hoping on the outcome of the 26th June PDP primary election results in the state and is currently mobilizing the youths from all quarters with high hopes and anticipation that you wont fail in delivering a quality governorship candidate for our party and also for Ndi Anambra coast home with joy at the tale end.

Do accept our esteemed regards.

Signed: Okongwu Promise A.
Anambra Chapter Coordinator FPDPY
Youth Inclusion !!!!!.

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Okongwu Promise A is a native of Nnewi north in Anambra state. A public affairs analyst and a political strategist, whose hubby is engaging people on political Discussions. 08079676746

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