President Buhari, Tinubu Arrives Imo For Presidential Rally/ To Commission MCC Road And Others

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From Princely Onyenwe

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari GCFR has arrived Imo State today 14-02-2023 for a one day Predidential rally of Bola Tinubu and the Commissioning of a few road Projects embarked upon by the Hope Uzodinma’s administration.

Photo: Presidential Chopper arrives Imo

Buhari will at the same visit present the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress APC party, Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu to the people of Imo state.

The presentation of Bola Tinubu in the presidential rally to Imo people is a wonderful idea of the President to ask for votes in the upcoming Predidential Election slated to hood on the 25th February 2023.

There will also be a visit to the Imo Traditional Palace to pay homage to the Traditional Rulers and revive blessings to maybe continue in his presidential campaign and to stand in for the election.

Meanwhile, the State is set to welcome the Duo, the outgoing Buhari and the expected incoming successor of Buhari in the person of Bola Tinubu.

Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress APC, Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu in a welcome handshake on arrival to Imo state

The President has finally arrived Owerri at the time of this report for the commissioning of MCC Road and APC Presidential Rally, 9News Nigeria reports.

There are alot of missed reactions by the people who before his visit have been working out modalities to fix their own candidate to the presidential seat.

Recall that Mr Peter Obi hails from the south East extraction and his grassrooting is becoming a movement where he is likely to sweep the polls but the APC Presidential candidate Bola Tinubu has penetrated into many hearts which has led to his campaign rally to Imo state as gathered by 9News Nigeria.

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Presidential arrival via Imo Sam Mbakwe airport

Also to note is that this visit may be the very last of Muhammadu Buhari as a sitting President pending the election Schedule by INEC.

This visit will be a memorable one established by His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma in who’s time the relationship with the federal government is cordial. Imo has been the highest visited by Buhari in this dispensation and such is expected to yield laudable improvement to Imo state under Uzodinma.

Though the level of hunger, starvation and insecurity in the land have remained the fear of the electorates which has made the Political atmosphere and it’s enlightenment very low.

Governor Hope Uzodinma is expected to take Buhari round the state to Commission some Projects and make the presidential candidate Ahmed Bola Tinubu happy by the crowds of mobilization of party faithful across the wards and communities.

It is assured that President Buhari will lead his party APC to this Presidential Campaign In Imo Today Tuesday.

Out of about Ten (10) states President Buhari was billed to attend Presidential Campaign Rally, Imo Is Among.

Out of the five (5) states in the Southeast , Buhari is scheduled to attend Presidential Campaign Rally In Imo.

Out of the two (2) APC states in the Southeast, Buhari is attending Imo’s Presidential Rally.

Hope Uzodinma has established the CAPACITY And CONTACT which can be measured by the above.

Governor Hope Uzodinma has no doubt positioned Imo in “The RENEWED HOPE 2023 Project” that will likely produce the next nigerian President.

We wish President Buhari and the Presidential Candidate Bola Tinubu a safe trip to Imo state as both have safely arrived at the time of this report.

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At the Imo traditional palace

Imo State is wearing a beautiful look, decorated with All Progressives Congress regalia. There is normal businesses and movements at non-restricted locations. Vehicular movement is well co-ordinated and crowds of Tinubu lovers and APC members are matching in their thousands hoisting their flag of victory to give the part flag bearer a deserving hospitality.

Our correspodent reports that the condition of the state is a proof that the sitting governor Hope Uzodinma is fully in charge. This particular MCC Road was abandoned by previous government until Uzodinma came to rehabilitate it. It really worths commissioning.

APC flag hoisted high within the airport arena

9News Nigeria reports that there was an issue with the previous contractor who when he was given the new design by the ministry of works came up with an outrageous variation.

So the contract was cancelled through legal procedures. Let our readers ignore false reports and Political oppositions speaking lies of this particular road. Our report is thoroughly Investigative.

It took the government through the attorney general a year and some months to sort out the legal processes so that government will not be indebted by the cancellation of the contract.

Then Leo9 who already is on the balloon technology that connects Amakohia down to the Nworie River passing through Rapour Junction and Works Layout was called upon to come handle the road since they are familiar with the new design and can take care of areas prone to flooding like the Toronto axis and Chukwuma Junction axis of the road.

Leo-9 Construction started work just one year ago there, and they have concluded it today.

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Please note that the redesigned road now added from Toronto to Ekemegbuoha which originally was not in the contract before the redesign.

By our investigative reportage, the Toronto to Ekemegbuoha axis is receving attention and before June that axis will be completed as gathered.

Photo: Buhari just arrived Owerri

The President has finally arrived Owerri at the time of this report for the commissioning of MCC Road and APC Presidential Rally in the state.

Keep reading us as we bring to speed more breaking details of development of this visit in our next report by 9News Nigeria.

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