President Buhari’s mum an insult, an assault that could lead Nigeria into turmoil – NPDPNMS

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President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari
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The northern People’s Democratic Party New media strategists has observed the deliberate and contemptuous silence, President Buhari has kept over the past 10 days as Nigeria faces the worst time in her history since the civil war, is an insult, an assault that could plunge the country into an avoidable turmoil.

It is surprising and not surprising that President Buhari, a former General who promised heaven on earth in the campaigns and has since derailed or denied those promises could keep mum as Nigeria climbs Zuma mountain unhinged and uncautioned with 200 Million lives facing imminent threat to lives, but it’s also not surprising because, it is becoming very clear that President Buhari is only interested in himself just being addressed as Mr. President, without the attendant fulfillment of the obligation of that sacred office he swore an oath for.

The Northern Peoples Democratic Party New Media Strategists - NPDPNMS
The Northern Peoples Democratic Party New Media Strategists – NPDPNMS

In other climes, 24 hours after protest like End SARS broke out, the President will make out time everyday to appeal to the conscience of the nation and plead for resolution, instead, what we hear is that the Military will embark on operation “crocodile Smile” in a Democratic civil disagreement.

It is everyday revealing itself that President Buhari who claimed he is a “Converted Democratic” never truly converted but pretended.

The NPDPNMS is tempted to ask in whose interest has President Buhari and his APC led administration being silent but quick to send condolence letters to victims of human or natural disasters abroad expressing love, concern and sympathy but certainly not for his fellow compatriot.

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As a former Military Dicktat, President Buhari has not and cannot change his character of Dictatorial tendencies, especially in dealing with Nigerians who are supposed to be his Preoccupation in protecting, defending and working for.

President Buhari and APC owe it a duty to not only apologize to Nigerians for not only failing in all their Election promises but for compounding the woes of Nigeria and Nigerians, from the largest economy in Africa to the poverty capital of the world.

From N87 a liter of petrol in 2015 to about N151 a liter in 2020, making it the highest ever increment in the history of Nigeria by almost 100% in 5years, while wages and Salaries have remained stagnant.

President Buhari led APC administration are far detached from the plight of the Nigerian masses otherwise they ought to have known that disbanding SARS and creating SWAT in about 48 hours interval is  insensitivity to the outcry of young Nigerians and a dishonor to the young men and women whose lives were cut short by the action of some few bad eggs in the police.

NPDPNMS recalls that President Buhari during his campaigns said he will lead from the front, we don’t think Abuja is in the front of anything, the front today is Borno, Birnin Gwari, Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna- Abuja Road, Lokoja- Okene Road, all littered with kindnappers, insurgents and bandits.

President Buhari owe it a duty to all Nigerians to come out from his hiding, speak to the nation, plead with the youth and open up a fresh chapter, it might not go far, but it will kick start negotiations and reconciliation which will bind Nigerians together even though in poverty till 2023 when he is due to leave office.

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Mohammed Abdullah

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