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While it can sometimes go together, academic qualifications from colleges cannot be confused with the virtue of intellectual prowess. The academic degrees acquired by man are not beyond mere papers if man does not importantly allow the same colleges to pass through him.

Those in love with academics shall see in Abba Kyari, only but a very impressive academic paper resume of an arrogant man who unsurprisingly is a family relative of another Nigeria thief politician in the bad side of history called Mallam Ibrahim Tahir.

Do people still remember or as I have read about a certain Mallam Ibrahim Tahir who was a onetime Minister of Internal Affairs of Nigerian Government and Chairman of External Communication who set NITEL (Nigeria Tele-communication) on fire after stealing NITEL dry.

As a onetime overseas student across the globe, I am not unaware that what earns you a place in most known Universities is not necessarily your brilliance or academic prowess but your ability to pay the high tuition as an overseas student, – then the rest of the academic work including your tenacity to hold and effect the lastness of your studies is not exclusively dissimilar.

By this simple fact, I recognize Abba Kyari but you wonder how Abba Kyari with no known pecunian foundation paid through and attended the expensive colleges in the world. Do not let his resume which is now useless and has been useless to most Nigerians to intimidate anyone simply because he had the opportunities which were often not present to many more brilliant students from Southern Nigeria and who could not afford to pay the high fees to study in those expensive colleges in the western world.

And you also wonder how a man with practically little or nil job experience got catapulted very high in corporate public service just in a mere few years post return from studies in the UK while his counterparts and even his betters in the southern part of Nigeria (If lucky with a regular job) struggled all through to keep their salaries going till the end.

Besides Abba Kyari is learned enough to understand when he is going ultra vires but chose to make himself the de-facto and un-elected president of Nigeria and part of the cabal oligarch who inter alia supervises and okays all the bad policies and decisions of Nigerian current rogue government including:

Rugalization and fulanization of Nigeria., The arrest and humiliation of Judges in the middle of the nights by DSS, The sacking chief justice of Nigeria and hand picking a less qualified person who is a sharia judge as the Chief Justice of Nigeria, The Fulani herdsmenkillings going on in Nigeria., The military invasion of Nnamdi Kanu fathers house killing 28 people,.

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The militarization of peaceful Igbo land with Operation Python dance., Sidelining the National Security Adviser. Abba actively turned a blind eye and saw no evil in the sickening and graphic manners by which human beings were being slaughtered in Nigeria by his kinsmen Fulani herdsmen terrorist, etc. No arrest or prosecution were made.

While a few Nigerians as someone said – the two-sided mouth in the person of our beloved brother – Femi Fani-Kayode and few others, and without even talking about a person like Minister of External Affairs – Mr Geoffery Onyema who are benefiting from Abba, but some people like our FFK suddenly minimized their noises on the evils which were promoted by Mallam Abba Kyari and brazenly trying in vain to tell Nigerias from their subjective respective perspectives how good the dead Abba was.

To FFK and few others, I say to you that your assessments of the dead Abba was simply based on your personal relationships and not how most Nigerians see the late Abba. It is a fair dinkum of FFK and couple of others to be entitled to their opinions of the late Abba. But your opinions should rather be humble in nature and would not demand that majority of Nigerians who disagree with your opinions “to jump into the lagoon”.

The FFK, I really admire and I refuse to see any of his shortcomings but it is very impolite of him to say that Nigerians should jump into the lagoon simply because they disagree with his eulogy over the late Abba Kyari
Everyone – including the Wife of General Muhammadu Buhari knows that her husband Gen Buhari has not been in-charge of the government.

Tell me about it… an imbecilic and incoherent sickly sounding president and or a non-existent Muhammadu Buhari cannot be the only evil in Aso Villa while Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura suddenly become saints simply because they had relational and business alliance with the good father of our beloved FFK.

One wonders if it is by reason of this relationship our FFKs case with the corrupt Nigerian Economic & Financial Crime Commission is dragging, while Mr Oliseh Metuh is already rotting in jail for an alleged offence of almost similar nature. There is Godo !!.

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Under normal circumstances, the Chief of Staff to the President is an un-elected government official and merely in-charge of the president`s kitchen cabinet staff only, and has no constitutional role or governing responsibility over or against 200 millions Nigerians.

The chief of staff is only a powerful position when a power hungry and greedy person like Abba Kyari makes it so. Abba clandestinely sidelined the most obedient loyal boi boi Vice President – Professor Yemi Osibanjo, then used the vulnerability of non-existent Muhammadu Buhari and shot himself to power uncheck-mated. This is a serious offence in a more civilised country.

To those who have known Abba Kyari as a good man since their dinosaur days must understand that things change, change is constant, people change and so is circumstances.

A person who has been grossly and directly involved or in charge of so many bad policies and decision of Nigerian rogue government which affect people`s lives, such an interesting character cannot fail to be immodest and inhumane regardless of all the paraphernalia and appendages of western education from Cambridge to Harvard.

Abba Kyari`s quiet misdeeds and disingenuous nature has only produced controversy on his demise than during his life. However, God is so merciful and shows mercy to whoever HE will but if Abba maintains the jihadism which he never opposed to till the end, he shall not rest in peace. I say this with due respect to culture and region. And I say this without condoning window- dressing hypocrisy.

Come to think about it Mallam Abba Kyari is the grandfather of COVID-19 in Nigeria because he brought COVID-19 disease to Nigeria and began to infect the populace. Just because he can assert his authority and power, he as usual arrogantly refused to hid to advise to isolate himself upon arrival from Germany -an official trip which he had forced himself to go to.

An old man who should have been resting or mind his job as chief of staff, but he wants to be everywhere. He would not allow the elected vice president Osibanjo to be or do his job as the vice president of Nigeria.

He would never allow the Minister of power who is also from the southern part of Nigeria to do his job. This is because Abba doesn’t trust other government officials that was why he decided to go to Germany himself to sign the so called energy contract when he is neither the minister of power nor the vice president of Nigeria. The resultant effect of this greed and selfishness is COVID-19 which he brought to Nigeria.

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By the way, it is still unclear how the president is reported to be COVID-19 negative given the following:

The president had constant physical contacts with Abba Kyari,
The old age of the president and his ongoing poor medical condition left the president susceptible to COVID-19.

If with all these established facts the president is still COVID-19 negative, it means that this is either a big miracle from the mercy of God.
It may well be that what we have in Aso Villa is a ‘Pseudo Bubu’ who is younger and healthy and cannot easily contract COVID-19 or attacked by same.

There is every reason to favour the later given the sneaky and dishonest nature of the current Nigeria rogue government. Example – Abba Kyari who was reported to have died on the 17th of April, had per said died 2 weeks earlier at a place described as Lagos Hospital and was rather cremated. When checked, the name Lagos Hospital does not exist and reports from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and the Lagos State Commissioner for Health contradict the claim of Nigerian Government.

Who said that something truthful will ever come out of this Nigeria rogue government which by all indications a rogue state as rightly predicted in 2015 that Nigeria shall become when the rogues come to power.

With uncle Abba gone who is going to pay back all the stolen billions of naira meant to keep aso rock clinic clinically functional? Who is going to be held accountable for all the shoddy shady deals which uncle Abba was solely involved? That is how you were all fooled that they came to fight corruption.

I am no longer worried about this corrupt system any more but I am concerned and angry at you, you and you my readers who are reading this now and still remain in the delusional phrase of “one Nigeria” when you know that Nigeria has never been one and can never be one!.

One treatment to better the north and a mistreatment to subject the south subservient to the less educated north. The panacea now is Oduduwa Republic and the restoration of Biafra Republic.

Mikar Ojokoro

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