Remember Nonsonkwa, The Serial Blackmailer And Failed Broadcaster- James Nwoke Writes

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The Journalism space of Imo State was in recent past polluted by a certain charlatan whose stock-in-trade was the blackmailing enterprise. He used his radio shows to talk down on personalities whom he saw as threats or who could not sort him out behind the scene. He, therefore, became a liability to the radio stations he worked as they kept turning the heat on him until he took shelter with Ozisa FM, where he took his blackmailing enterprise to a new height of ignominy.

It was in that station, where with the protection of his paymasters, he spoke with all sides of the mouth like a possessed, false tribune. Since Nigeria is not a country of lawlessness, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) wielded the big stick by first mandating him to proceed on a journalism training so as to, at least, get the simple rudiments of the journalism profession.

There was no evidence to show that he adhered to their instruction as no sooner did he return to the stables of Ozisa FM than the NBC shut down the Radio station, citing unprofessional reportage for which Nomsonkwa was at its epicenter. Today the station has been reopened but not with the serial blackmailer who has now taken to the social media to throw tantrums at perceived enemies.

May we put it on notice that Mr Theodore Chninomso Uba is a politician with all the partisan and epicurean leaning that comes with it. He has an ambition and agenda to fulfill hence he plays on gullible minds to gain cheap and ephemeral popularity. He has failed as a broadcaster, trumping himself up as a journalist when he had no modicum of professionalism in him; what with a brash, drug-infested voice that ranted from the studio for attention.

He gave the impression of a defender of truth when indeed he defended only his stomach and pockets.Nomsonkwa has a knack for discussing people when issues are ripe and replete for discussion. Just yesterday, the failed blackmailer made a post condemning the management of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede for suspending the first semester examination of HND I students for one week.

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It is clear from the tantrums and invectives in his fouled diction, Mr Uba pretended not to have read a well-worded memo indicating that the suspension of the exam only affected those in HND I, and for a duration of one week during which they were expected to complete their registration and screening.

Consistent with his blackmailing game, Uba also jettisoned the aspect which stated that the purpose of the registration was for the institution to be able to forward the names of HND I students to NYSC and JAMB who requested them in order to build a database for “necessary action”.

The said rule, from my investigation, was given to all institutions of higher learning, to ensure that only genuine students are mobilized for NYSC. The said memo also indicated that examinations would resume on the 12th of August for the affected students as the one week hiatus was to enable them get properly registered.

The action of Nomsonkwa is condemnable and only reeks of cheap blackmail. He even went as far as playing on the emotions of students by wondering how they would raise their school fees, since according to him “most of these students are training themselves…” Pray, is there anyone who goes to school without planning on paying school fees? This is an examination coming up after three months of resumption when students ought to have paid their fees.

We are also confused as to how suspending exams, according to the failed broadcaster, Nomsonkwa, is “wickedness and heartless” (sic). And in the end, he ends his diatribe by threatening the school management, reminding them how a day of reckoning was coming on them. Nothing can be more laughable and ironical as the man calling for a day of reckoning already has his day of reckoning bearing down heavily on him, beclouding him with abandon, all coming from the comeuppances of his blackmailing business.

Nomsonkwa in all intent and purpose remains a serial blackmailer and purveyor of falsehood who seeks the attention of the public because he is running for a political office. He feels his popularity index would only rise when he attacks persons rather than opinions. While I may wish him well in his political oblivion, may I remind him that discussing people is a sign of little learning and personal insecurity.

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Those who discuss people have predictable ends – they are easily forgotten and discarded as they have nothing to offer.It is even more ironical that in the said facebook post, the serial blackmailer also attached the textbook price schedule of the polytechnic, all in a bid to achieve a set end – image depletion. I challenge the falsehood peddler to go round higher institutions and tell me where textbooks are sold for as low as N1300.

However in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, no textbook is sold higher than the afore-stated amount. In this regard, one of the respondents from Federal Polytechnic Oko, Miss Precious Ihendu, even responded innocently to his blackmail: “…my own school Federal Polytechnci Oko, the cheapest textbook I have this my finals is N2800,… we are paying for accident insurance and some unnecessary payment which I don’t know.”

Another respondent, StMavis Chinwe, questioned the rationale for Nomsonkwa’s post on the suspension of exams, thus: “Don’t they pay school fees again, or is the management going to run the school without funds? Even questions papers and answer scripts need to be printed.”It is clear that the failed broadcaster lost the target this time as many other respondents called his attention to the clarity of the memo.

In the first instance, the blackmailer was told pointblank that the suspension of examinations affected only HND 1 students, which implies that debtor-students in other programmes are also writing exams.

Secondly, he was reminded in clear terms that the case of HND I students was peculiar as it demanded urgent attention from JAMB and NYSC. Now tell me, how many higher institutions still permit students who are owing school fees to write examinations? Does the question of how the students going to get the fees arise when a student has planned to go to school?

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Nomsonkwa, the blackmailer and failed broadcaster should at this juncture be reminded that the Management of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede under the headship of Rev. Can Engr. Dr. Michael Chidiebere Arimanwa FNSE, is about the best in polytechnic administration in Nigeria. Under the smart Rector as he is fondly called, the polytechnic became the best-performing in Nigeria according to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and the most-sought-after polytechnic by the Joint Matriculations and Examinations Board (JAMB).

The Rector has increased the number of courses run by the institution, employed more hands (first of such size of manpower recruitment and human capital development in the institution), built more class room and office complexes, built many access roads in the institution and launched a smart campus system among others in the polytechnic.

For these, he has won the best Rector award more than three times, best Rector award in the utilization of TETFund research funds, Public Servant of the Year award and many other outstanding public service awards. I challenge Nomsonkwa, the failed broadcaster, to tell the world if he ever went as close to Federal Polytechnic to broadcast the beautiful news of electric car invention made possible by the Arimanwa-led Management.

I also challenge him to tell the world his take when the polytechnic at the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic invented automated hand-washing machines and hand sanitizers. How many Nigerian polytechnics or universities made as much effort in combating the pandemic at that trying moment when everyone was taking cover?

Nomsonkwa and his ilk are only scavengers who only prey on innocent minds for cheap popularity. History shall surely take its toll on the serial liar and blackmailer, Nomsonkwa, the accursed child of perfidy. Time will soon tell more! James Nwoke Writes from Owerri.

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