Sanwo Olu Has No Plan On Traffic Decongestion, Fuel Scarcity- As Lagosians Reject PDP, APC Presidential Tickets

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From Princely Onyenwe

Lagocians have decried continous traffic congestion in Lagos state Nigeria crediting it to bad governance and poor planning.

9News Nigeria (Lagos) witnessed a 3-Hours long traffic at Berger entrance to the state Wednesday evening.

The situation has continued worsen on daily basis across all the locations in lagos state without proffering a perfect remedy by the Lagos state government as gathered by our correspodent.

On the spot, I spotted some working equipments of Julius Berger construction company at the right side of the entrance road but the work was not as serious and fast as needed.

Considering the sensitivity of the road, crowds of residents in the state and large number of vehicles plying on this particular area is not what to play with or overlooked.

The Julius Berger company is expected to speed up work on this popular BEGER area to reduce steady long queue experienced on that location,9News Nigeria reports.

The bad condition of road extended towards lagos- Ogun state axis where the government of the state has also overlooked to work on. The present situation of NIGERIAN roads call for emergency attention and a total overhaul as Lagos state has remained most affected.

The engineers on site told our correspodent that work is ongoing and the company will deliver as scheduled. But the Berger construction site axis of the road has remained bad for years while the Government cliamed to have been working by erecting bogus construction billboards and APC Tinubu team 2023 all over the state.

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Speaking with 9News Nigeria, the reaction of Lagocians as it concerns hold up cum traffic congestion in lagos is a continous exercise but regrettedly the Government Sanwo Olu has no plan to remedy the situation.

It is evident that Lagocians suffer on traffic congestions on daily basis while the Government seems deriving joy from this challenge because they jump protocols on the roads and don’t obey traffic orders.

The people have therefore condemned the present government of Sanwo and Buhari and vowed not to vote for APC Presidential candidate, Tinubu Gagaban stating that he is the worst version of Buhari’s Government.

They however credited bad governance experienced in Lagos State and NIGERIA to the low gravity of thinking of the Political leaders on the throne of administration.

An illustrious son of Yoruba land and an Otunmba title holder in lagos seriously frowned at the HARSH economic decadence and SCARCITY of FUEL spreading across the states. He however called on NIGERIANs to vote wisely come 2023 Election and Campaign against bad governance and wickedness of the leaders.

Supprisingly all these are happening in the Christmas festive season when Nigerian workers and the General Christian faithful are suppose to gather for the remaining days before the Christmas proper.

But dis-heartedly, the Prices of fuel has skyrocketed to 250 Naira per liter. Market prices are so high, transportation fare is on a rapid increament and you are telling us to vote the incoming worst version of Buhari and his team. Both PDP and APC has failed this country, an anonymous frowned.

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Note that the country has frustrated alot of people here and businesses are crumpling on daily basis and they are busy printing New Naira Notes and telling us to vote them them. So Shameful!! Said Lagocians.

Having gathered the facts above, it is good that NIGERIANs are wiser by harsh experiences infested by the leadership.

Nigerian high way roads is not in good shape. Bushes have outgrown the zebra crossing 🚸 between the major roads. It is hard for vehicles on the right lane to see vehicles on the left lane and this is dangerous so far as road ethics is concerned.

Robbery could be going on on a particular lane without fellow drivers being aware of such incident to either call for emergency attention or rescue of affected passengers.

The traffic situation in lagos state cannot be checked by mere traffic lights or ban on okada riders as existing in Lagos at the time of this report but construction of more flyovers and link roads to various locations with high human congestion to ease further congestion.

There is no doubt Lagos state is over populated but a good government must rise up to it’s responsibility to improve the state in expectation that as the day goes on, the city will be densely populated. Let our government plan and work it out to help Lagocians.

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