SAY NO TO SUBSIDY REGIME: Group of Patriotic Nigerians gather in the early hours of today to sensitize Nigerians on the need to support the decision of President Ahmed Bola TINUBU for putting an end to fuel subsidy regime

The SAY NO TO SUBSIDY REGIME was the message of Patriotic Nigerians Mandate in support of the present government of president Bola Ahmed TINUBU.

The sensitization program geared towards taking the message to ordinary citizens to say no to the continuation of fuel subsidy, took place at the Unity Foundation, opposite Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

The convener of the program, Hon Emmanuel Butches Nwosu, while briefing the press stated that fuel subsidy has ruined the development of the country over the years. No good roads, water and other basic amenities he added. A country where there is lack of serious infrastructure because of non availability of resources owing to trillions of naira being miss channeled in the guise of Subsidy is unhealthy.

He calls on all Nigerians to say no to the fraudulent act. However, he said since the present government of president Bola TINUBU has come up to put an end to the subsidy regime, it is a responsibility of everyone to help take the message back to our various homes.
He said he is happy that the planned strike by NLC is called off and never for them to dream of it anymore. What he said NLC should do at the moment is to support the government to plough the trillions of naira meant for subsidy into meaningful areas that will bring about impact on the lives of citizens. We need better health facilities and the likes all over the country.

Hon. Nwosu appeals to well meaning Nigerians to join in taking the message to citizens who do not understand the havoc the subsidy has racked on our economy. He commends president Ahmed Bola TINUBU for doing what a lot of people who led this country felt they couldn’t do. The president he said means well for everyone and that they are ready to stand by him and to also take the message he has given to the people so that everybody will be in consensus agreement that fuel subsidy must go and it must end now, he added.
He promised to extend the sensitization exercise to markets and rural communities going forward, hence they really want the message to go down.

He stressed that the decision so far made at this point will bring the renewed hope to all and sundry in the nearest future.

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