Shocking: Whistleblower Exposes Documents Of Obaseki Looting Of Billions Of Naira.

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Obaseki In Deep Mess As Whistleblower Exposes Documents Of Obaseki’s Looting Of Billions Of Naira

See acct details below.

Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki as a credible whistleblower, GEORGE UBOH WHISTLEBLOWERS NETWORK (GUWN) has just busted Obaseki on his looting spree and released documents of Obaseki’s pilfering of Edo State resources.

The credible whistleblower has blown the lid on major financial crimes in the past, including the EFCC and the Office of the Vice-President.

The group did not stop there they also issued Obaseki a 48 hrs ultimatum to respond to the grave charges brought against him.

See a list of the damaging findings as uncovered by the credible Whistleblower.

1) Transfers made into 8-digit account numbers running into Billions of Naira;

2) Transfers in Billions of Naira from Edo State Government to General-Purpose accounts in different banks, including but not limited to Equatorial Trust Bank (which is not in operation), Access Bank, Sterling Bank etc. Posers: what does general-purpose stand for? Are these funds dissipating from these general-purpose accounts in these banks? The red flag is clear and convincing.

3) We found Billions of Naira in transfers to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) without being specific on the particular MDAs. Transfers should not be in bulk figures in Billions of Naira without specifying the MDAs and their respective account numbers.

4) We found that Billions of Naira passed through Edo State Government to companies like A&K Construction without specifying the accounts of the companies. in other words, Edo State Government released money to itself, mentioned companies like A&K Construction without mentioning the recipients’ accounts. Without those details, we can conclude that the monies have no destinations.

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5) Billions of Naira were transferred in numerous tranches without account numbers and account names of the purported recipients.

6) Billions of Naira d

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