Sudan: Burhan, Dagalo Engage In Power Tussle, Looks Down On Ceasefire Agreement

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From Princely Onyenwe

The present situation of crisis in Sudan is becoming worrisome and if nothing is done fastly by international community, the war may escalate to neighboring countries.

That is the good reason to establish a good Democratic leadership pattern devoid of crisis and lingering war.

But in situations like this, crisis can spring up even from a democratic setting where leadership is a torn on the flesh of it’s citizenry.

Innocent civilians fleeing from Sudan to neighboring states

The unrest in Sudan has no doubt dominated the public circle and media waves where countries like Nigeria have tried to evacuate their nationals.

Moreso, casualty rate is increasing on daily basis while properties worth billions are destroyed. Innocent civilians are most affected in a military war country like Sudan.

Sudan is facing a great humanitarian crisis where two of their military leaders Abdel Fattah al- Burhan and Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo engage in a power tussle.

The unrest has no doubt affected hundreds of innocent civilians who are bearing the brunt of the conflict. Hundreds of deaths, injuries and destruction of properties are on the increase while calling on ceasefire.

However the future of Sudan depends on the ability of both leaders to resolve, shelve their personal differences to protect that of the entire Sudan.

The conflict shows no sign of abating since both sides have continued to break ceasefire agreement.

Attempts to evacuate foreign citizens from Sudan is facing obstacles while international community is closely watching and putting efforts to save the situation.

Recall that both war lords have been making public statement interpreted as veiled threats against eachother which could still make the situation linger.

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Warning: Sudan crisis has nothing to do with Nigeria as a country rather than Nigerian government is in serious negotiation to evacuate their foreign Nationals from the unrest county pending when the war will sieze.

Again, our correspodent gathered that the crisis is not a religious upshoot and can not be associated with such. In summary both War Lords should not look down on ceasefire agreement but retrack to resolve their differences.

That’s my little investigative summary report on the present situation of crisis in Sudan at press time.

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