The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Reviving the Kemetic Inspiration

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution- Reviving the Kemetic Inspiration
The Fourth Industrial Revolution- Reviving the Kemetic Inspiration
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As it stands in the world now, we are at crossroads in human history. Never has there been a moment so simultaneously perilous and promising. Of the nine human species that walked the Earth 300,000 years ago, we are the first human species to have taken evolution into our hands.

More complicated is the situation in Africa, and the crossroads place before us two paths of despair: utter hopelessness and that of total extinction. It has, therefore, become imperative that we strategically maneuver our ways to turn the wave of things around in either direction for our good and survival. Ultimately, for us to begin the journey back to greatness.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, every hand in the black race is expected to be on deck. For we have always had what it takes to stay ahead of every race, save for the desired leadership in recent years.

History beckons and reminds us of whom we are Africa as the bedrock of modern civilization. The Kemetic forces are no more in peace in their places of rest. They seek to rise again in the present African youths, since the old order have destroyed all the blueprints of greatness they left behind.

Kemetic women
Kemetic women

They want to come forth and take their places once again as the leading giants among the nations of the world. The place of pride.

The word “Kemet”- the black land- was derived from the fertile soil that is left over when the Nile flood recedes in August from its usual June over flooding. Lots of inventions like that of paper, calendar creation, electricity, medicine, ink, and certain rules in Mathematics are credited to the Kemites (Egyptians) of Northern Africa.

We had a foundation of inexplicable greatness laid in Africa that incompetent leadership blew off. In the middle of this carelessness and unseriousness stand the leadership of Nigeria as the “Giant of Africa.”

The wake of the Biafra war of 1967-1970, the then Biafra nation came up with brilliant ideas and technological breakthroughs of a radio station, airport, “the Ogbunigwe – the Ojukwu flying buckets” that helped to counterattack the missiles of the Federal troop in the air, common detonation mines, improvised explosive devices, rocket propelled missiles, shore batteries, armored personnel carrier (APC)- the Biafran Red Devil, anti- cholera and protein packs and refineries for refining crude oil.

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Instead of us building on all these adorable feats as a nation, after the “no victor no vanquished” war, we chose a path of becoming a mentally and technically incapacitated people. We embarked on massive importation of the things we were already producing and those that we had the ability to produce. By doing this, we set out on a journey to “waste” billions of dollars every year and remain mental and material slaves to the colonial masters.

With four refineries of a total capacity of nothing less than 455,000 bpsd (barrels per stream day), we have no reason whatsoever to be tied to other nations for supply of fuel; so unfortunately, for dubious reasons and gross incompetence, we are where we are.

It is however unfortunate that the opposite is the case; we cannot provide the fuel we need for our internal energy consumption, let alone providing for the outside world. This is an indisputable signal of gross misconduct and mental incapacitation on the path of our leadership. This leadership takes us nowhere! With the human and material resources at our disposal, it is an open fact that we are destined to be a superpower.

With incompetent leadership, we are left as the superpower with no power. As it stands now, we could not even produce common toothpick let alone the food that would keep us alive, in a nation that could not provide its food would remain at the peck and call of other nations.

Day in day out, the Western world opens a passage to drain the best of our Kemetic brains and inspirations, leaving us at their mercy.

Richard Odusanya - 9News Nigeria
Richard Odusanya – 9News Nigeria

The 2006 American Community Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau placed Nigerians as the most educated in the US. These are professionals that could turn the tide of our economic and political woes around within the twinkling of an eye.

However, no rational thinking human being would leave his comfort zone; to that of terrorism, hooliganism, banditry, extreme poverty, and hopelessness. As we are presently witnessing in today’s Nigeria.

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Our so-called leaders “drop d mic” generation, have lost it, and the only way out is paving ways for the citizens to take their future into their own hands by exploring the Kemetic energy embedded in them. Partnering with the brilliant brains from Africa, within and outside the boundary of Africa, holds lots of benefits for Nigeria and the continent at large. Our major problems have been leakages and mismanagement of resources; these we could curb if we learn to maximize our resources for self-reliance and reaching out to other parts of the world.

At the Abuja Motor Fair on 19th October 2018, the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, stated categorically that Nigerians spent nothing less than $8b dollars on importation of cars yearly. Sad reality of our country Nigeria.

A whooping sum of $8b dollars goes off our shores yearly when we could promote Innoson Motors, the Izuogu Z-600 vehicle dreams and revive the Enugu, Kaduna and Lagos vehicle coupling plants. This would help generate employment opportunities for the Nigerian teemed population and in turn grow our gross domestic product (GDP), instead of signing a pact with recession year in year out.

A ridiculous amount of N6.098 trillion, was expended on defense, a large part of which was to procure arms, between 2008 and 2018. This number of resources could have built up or improved our Defense Industries Corporation (Dicon). The squandering of riches.

There could not have been anything more shameful than a nation blessed with iron and steel with technically sound engineers and blacksmiths wasting billions in procuring of arms year in, year out. Sensible and sensitive leaderships would have by now built a wealth purse around the inventions and innovations of the Biafran nation’s weaponry blueprint established 53 years ago. The Defense Industries Corporation (Dicon) as a critical component, is a clear example of an elephant project.

This would not have only brought buoyance in revenue but also help in generating employments, self-reliance, quelling of youths’ restiveness and insecurity, thereby, preventing the types of protest against malfeasance during the #EndSARS recently.

Until 1956; when oil was discovered in Oloibiri, in commercial quantity, we had lots from agriculture, cocoa, plantain, coffee, cotton, sugarcane and palm oil plantations. Unfortunately, opportunism and incompetency on the part of our so-called leaders prevented us from consolidation of the resources mentioned.

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As at the time Pa Obafemi Awolowo brought the Western Nigeria Television (WNTV) to Africa in 1959, with cocoa revenue, the Republic of Ireland had not started using television. Today, for an average Nigerian to get just a visiting visa into same Republic of Ireland, lots financing, fasting and prayer meetings might be required.

The “analog” leadership in most of the countries in Africa; particularly, the current gladiators, has lost touch with the reality of the speed at which development in terms of technology and economic diversification is moving. We dwell heavily on crude oil when we have lots of other rich mineral resources that remain untapped. With the so many cultural heritages and places of tourist attractions, we have no reason to be indebted to any part of the world. Sad.

The Maldives, British Virgin Islands, Macao, Aruba, Seychelles, to mention a few, form 38.92%, 32.96%, 28.05%, 27.64% and 25.74% of their GDP on tourism, respectively. Instead of exploring the tourist centers and young minds along with other brilliant personalities in the country to have an overflow of wealth, our leaders behave like locusts that must ruin all.

Now that we have gotten to the point of standstill, we have no other option than to wake our leaders up from their deep slumber to see that we are at the verge of total collapse. If it happens, there will not be a hiding place for anyone of us. The more reason why we cannot afford to ignore the “soro soke” generation.

To avoid this impending calamity from befalling on us all, our leaders should wear their thinking cap, engage with the citizens through economic programs that would help sustain us and place us back in our place among the league of nations.




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