The Fourth Israel-Hamas War: EU top diplomats call for Immediate ceasefire in Mideast

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Despite plea to Isreal to ceasefire, the Israeli government has indicated that it has no plans for a ceasefire in the near future after all calls on the country to stop futher rocket launch.

This came up as a result of Gaza, Hamas continued launch of rockets at Israel.

Our source told 9News Nigeria that its fire was mainly concentrated on border towns such as Ashkelon.

Israeli officials have said that they were facing a combined assault by Hamas of both drones and rockets.

Recall that earlier Monday, the US blocked what would have been an unanimous statement by the UN Security Council calling for a halt to Israeli-Palestinian violence.

This is the third time the US have blocked the statement but later same night, Joe Biden on Monday night “expressed his support for a ceasefire” in a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Biden stopped short of openly demanding an immediate halt to the hostilities with Hamas.

Mr Netanyahu said on Monday night: “We are going to continue hitting targets in Gaza. We will continue to act as much as needed to restore calm”

France and Egypt reiterated calls for an urgent end to the violence on Monday.

German Chancellor Merkel, Jordan king had also call for ‘swift’ Mideast ceasefire.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi agreed it was “absolutely necessary” to end hostilities

The British government on Monday urged Israel to ensure its attacks in Gaza were “proportionate,” adding that it was “deeply concerned” by UN reports that 23 schools and 500 homes had been destroyed.

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Our source told us as at the time of this report that Gaza, Hamas has continued to launch rockets at Israel, its fire was mainly concentrated on border towns such as Ashkelon.

In reaction, Israeli officials have said that they were facing a combined assault by Hamas of both drones and rockets.

Israel says the camp was hit during airstrikes on Hamas officials and supplies.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military says it takes care to avoid civilian casualties, such as by sending advance warnings, Hadidi said his family “did not receive any warning”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Heavy air strikes and rocket fire in the Israel-Gaza conflict claimed more lives on both sides as tensions flared in Palestinian “day of anger” protests in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Our source hinted that this war has been for about 15 years between the two countries and as the hit continues dozens of casualties will be recorded.

Since the top world powers, EU and Africa have called for seize fire and Isreal is still laughing attacks, Human rights groups have to act Immediately to stop this war before it develops to another world war, our source posited.

9News Nigeria reports that Israeli children were sighted inside a bomb shelter in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon following rocket attacks fired from the Gaza Strip.

But then, Israel has continued to carry out a wave of airstrikes in Gaza City while Palestinian armed groups have continued to fire dozens of rockets into Israel.

Rolls of innocent children and families are dying since war began.

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A call for ceasefire is ripe!!

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