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The world is yet to know the last in the box of jokers of these clowns taking the destinies of all other world users into their own hands and thinking they could do whatever suits them. No idea at all of whether that is either in tandem with or opposed to divine arrangement.

In the recent TBC weekly general broadcast, we see how these elements have, in a well orchestrated programme, strategically positioned themselves to dictate what takes place within a set time to achieve their ignoble disruption of the world arrangement as initially programmed by God, the creator and the owner of the universe.

According to the release:

This is our last Weekly Meeting for 2020. We are excited to start a new year. 2020 was a wake up call for humanity. The Committee of 300 have exposed themselves and their transhumanism agenda for humanity. They are far from reaching their goals of death and destruction, and 2021 will be the year that determines if humanity will stand up for TRUTH and FREEDOM, or if it will submit to total tyranny with little resistance.

By now, it should be clear that the Institutions of this world are run by a Shadow Government of the Committee of 300. Their plans to set up a New World Order have been clearly stated by the likes of the UN and IMF. Bill Gates, a member of the Committee of 300 has made it very clear that the entire world population should be vaccinated. Bill Gates is just following the plan laid out in the 2010 Lock Step Rockefeller Document:

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We live in a FREE WILL Universe, and even the most evil offer requires open notification. Silence is Consent, and this is how tyranny rises. The Committee of 300 have properly notified humanity of their intentions. THEY have demonstrated their influence over all governments, media, medical establishments, banking, technology, business, and the police and military. THEY are unified and organized. THEY are counting on the masses to remain asleep and ingorant of the misery about to be unleashed upon them. THEY have brainwashed mankind into believing that the institutions were set up to care for the needs of humanity, and many have had lives of comfort and security because of these institutions. Now we are seeing the dark side of these institutions and that they are not at all controlled by the people. The hidden hand has emerged and 2021 is the year that will determine if humanity can wake up and fully express that they do NOT consent to an evil agenda.

A mandatory vaccine is UNLAWFUL, and THEY know it. We have every right to say NO! We have all the evidence needed to prove that COVID-19 is a Psyop and NOT a pandemic. We can prove the Tests are fake, even the inventor of these tests says they are not valid to identify an illness. We can easily prove that deaths labeled COVID-19 are fake too. People have been dying from normal stuff, and they just label all deaths COVID-19. So, many have spoken out about this. Wearing Masks is unhealthy, and social distancing has no science behind it. Lockdowns have created more grief than any virus would have created.

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I hope when the time comes, all of you will have large groups of people ready to add their names to a list of people that object to the fraud of COVID-19. One or two people serving notice to these institutions will NOT be enough to get THEM to back down. It will take millions. Several very smart people and groups have been preparing such notices and if we support them with millions of signatures, it will force them to try to defend themselves against us. We must defeat them lawfully. The TRUTH is on our side, so we hope JUSTICE will side with us too. We can’t run away from a New World Order, we need to stand up to it, and defeat it in principle and TRUTH.

Once we defeat the Committee of 300, by fully exposing them as the source of this COVID-19 fraud, we then need to go after each of these institutions and demand reform, so that a threat like this will never happen again to humanity. Specically, all governments should allow their people to use any currency as they wish as a fundamental right. That way TBC could never be banned, or any other lawful currency. If we play our cards right in 2021, TBC could be seen as a world leader of human rights and freedom for all. This will give us great strength to reach all of our goals. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs