Umuoma Nekede Announces Date Of New Yam Cultural Festival (Read More)

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From Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

The People of Umuoma Nekede Autonomous community in Owerri West local government area of Imo state Nigeria has scheduled saturday 13-08-2022 for their New Yam Cultural Festival.

This announcement was made by the eldest man of the community, Pa Gabriel Achodo at his Umuanwunachi Kindred of Okwu Umuoma Nekede.

Speaking at the heralding of the date of Umuoma 2022 New Yam, Nze Sir Ephraim Opara who stood in for Gabriel Achodo hinted that the New yam Festival known as Odu Umuoma is a yearly cultural event passed unto Ndi Umuoma by their forebears decades ago to celebrate the first food Oma tested after his settlement in the present day Umuoma Nekede.

Okenze further stated that Oma is not an outcast as being speculated by some people but a friend of Ede the Aboriginal father of the the entire Nekede which Umuoma is part of it.

Meanwhile, the eldest man granted him the permission to speak on his behalf and to herald the date of the Yam festival.

While adressing the people who turned out en-masse to witness the announcement, Omadike assured his subjects that Umuoma is known for peace and expressed his readiness to instill peace in all the towns of Umuoma Nekede.

He earlier stated that nature has a way of Scheduling the activities of mankind and as such the rights and respect accorded to the elders cannot be overemphasized.

In his words, “In Umuoma Nekede community , I am the Eze with a solid promise to my subjects that I will unfailingly practice and uphold the culture and traditions of our people which were handed over to us by our forefathers.

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“Over the past decades , such way of life had been tested and proved useful and beneficial.

“I believe in it , I know it is not harmful , I must pass it on to the oncoming generation and urge its continuity till eternity, Eze Morison Eke stated.

He therefore called on the people of Umuoma Nekede to please bear with him and understand the level of his bereavement to allow the 2022 Yam Festival to be in a low-key.

Speaking on behalf of the Mr Kelechi Anah, Okwu town chairman and the chairman of all town Chairmen in Umuoma Nekede regretted the sorrowful mood bedevilling the Monarch and prayed God to strengthen his Highness.

He sympathized with Eze Omadike and pleaded with his colleagues to deliver same message across the five towns of Umuoma for people to know the reasons behind such decision.

The Chairman of Umuoma Royal Cabinet, High Chief Nwaneri also called on the people to stay out of quarrels and acts possible of causing troubles mostly at this period that will lead to the New yam day otherwise Whosoever disobeys this law will be penalized as custom Demands.

Saturday 13th day of August 2022 was taken as pronounced by the eldest man in the community for the Yam Festival to hold in a low-key at the Royal palace.

It was a visit of the community leaders, stakeholders and church leaders, Umuoma Royal Cabinet, Council of elders, council of chiefs that accompanied Eze Omadike to the meet with PA Gabriel Achodo in his Okwu country home.

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Our correspodent reports that the leadership of Okwu improvement league under Mr Kelechi Anah showcased their enviable capacity by mobilizing their stakeholders, youths leaders and elders of Okwu to witness the pronouncement.

In futherance, it is customary that every year, a week before the Odu Umuoma proper, the Eze of the community must pay homage to the oldest man in his community to seek his approval and blessings for a hitch free festival.

Recall that last year the oldest man , Pa Ndukwu Anumudu who hailed from Umuezerokam town died recently at the age of 110years. Pa Gabriel Achodo who succeeded him is 98years old as at the time of this report by 9News Nigeria.

Secondly, 9News Nigeria investigative team lead by Ambassador Princely Onyenwe states authoritatively that since the past 25 years, this is the first time the Eze Omadike is paying homage to Okwu town from where the oldest man in our community hailed from.

The Eze prayed for his continued strong and good health.

Thirdly, it is of significant importance to note that unless Umuoma eats new yam, the sister communities of Umudibia and Umualum Nekede must not taste new yam.

The visit recorded alot of dignitaries too numerous to mention.

Traditional Prime Minister, Nze Sir Obinna Aharanwa, President General Uche Nwaneri, Community PRO Onyenwe and Members of the Royal Cabinet accompanied the Monarch.

Elders Present included, Nze Sir Ephraim Opara, Ven Emmanuel Opara, Elder Herbert Nwosu, Cannon Lawrence Ewuziem, Elder Raymond Uwaleke, Elder Benard Igbokwe and Rev Vitalis Anaele.

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The leadership of the host town came out in-full squad including notable age grades and Chairmen of De-Na-Agwu and Umuogba towns respectively.

Libation was performed by Okenze Ephraim Opara on behalf of PA Gabriel Achodo afterwhich prayer was offered by the clergy to backup the upcoming festival.

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