Who’s jittery of Senator EKWUNIFE’s massive Support Base?

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In the politics of Nigeria we have come to know that the less successful envy and make the successful the object of their attacks. This is what is playing out in Anambra Central Senatorial Zone where the people’s choice, Senator Mrs Uche Ekwunife (Iyom), has been the object of attack and envy by those who have longed to be what she is but have failed to be.

Even before the 2023 general elections draw near, every evidence points to a straightforward Iyom victory in the senatorial battle of Anambra Central whom she currently represents at the senate.
Iyom’s popularity is not something that came out of the blues.

As a member representing Anaocha, Njikoka, Dunukofia Federal Constituency, Iyom blazed the trail in the delivery of democracy dividends. She delivered in such a way that had never been seen in the entire state, so much so that every part of that constituency adequately felt her Midas Touch, leading to a smooth sail in her second term bid.

With the reward for good work being more work, her people unanimously endorsed her to serve in a higher capacity as senator. In that election she beat her main opponent, Sir Victor Umeh, hands down winning in six out of the seven local governments. But her opponent, using the resources of Anambra Government at the time, used the court to dubiously thwart the popular mandate given to her. It must be noted that the grounds used by the court for her removal were the same grounds that the two other PDP senators from North and South used to get nominated. So why did Iyom’s case become different?

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As a law abiding citizen, she obeyed the judgement of the court and bid her time for the next opportunity.
When it came, she this time crushed Umeh in seven out of seven local governments to prove that what happened last time was a fluke and a great travesty of justice.

Today, it’s another election time and Iyom is aspiring to serve her people for a second term. The groundswell of opinion favours her and the people are waiting to return her as tremendously as they did before.

As always, fear has gripped the opposition who have now been resorting to cheap lies and propaganda to smear the wonderful image of the people’s senator, an example being the laughable stories they manufactured during her monitoring of voters’ registration and stakeholders’ briefing. But unfortunately for them, their tales by Moonlight made no impression on the discerning minds of Anambra Central.

Iyom’s support base transcends party loyalty in a state where the people are known to vote for individuals over party.
This is why some people are gravely worried and have thus resorted to underhand tactics.

But one thing, however, is clear: no amount of smear campaigns can alter the outcome of the Anambra Central Senatorial election. Iyom is already the overwhelming choice of the people and everybody knows this.

I can therefore understand the frustrations of her opponents and their resort to hitting below the belt with cheap lies and propaganda.

Sadly and unfortunately for them, the train has moved on, leaving them behind. It is not Iyom’s fault. She’s only getting a just reward for her wonderful representation.

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Chukwudi Odenigbo writes from Awka

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