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By Ndidi Uwechue

People flee from what they Hate or from what causes them Harm. Those who have fled Nigeria whether legally or illegally did so in order to get freedom from One-Nigeria. Some others stay in Nigeria but only part-time as that is their own way of getting freedom from One-Nigeria.

In this class of part-time Nigerians you often find that their spouses and children live more or less permanently abroad, so they do make sure that their loved ones escape One-Nigeria completely. Also among those who get freedom from One-Nigeria are the “committed to One-Nigeria” Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) for although they sustain and Enforce One-Nigeria on the heads of their people and get richly rewarded for doing so, they also do not want to live there, so frequently find reasons to escape that One-Nigeria and tend to be part-time or even rare-time Nigerians. Nigeria as a Federation or a Confederation could work – but One-Nigeria can never work for the masses of Nigerians, it can only make PEPs, a tiny fraction of the population, (stupendously) wealthy that is all. 

 Quoting from IDnow online:

A Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is someone who, through their position or influence, is more susceptible to being involved in bribery, money laundering or corruption. This is usually someone who has been entrusted with a prominent public function in a government or international organization. Close business associates and family members are also considered PEPs.

After the surrender of the Republic of Biafra in 1970, the other indigenous Ethnic Nations that had fought on the side of Nigeria soon also began to feel the poisoned fangs of the monster One-Nigeria masquerading as “Federation of Nigeria”, imposed by Military Decrees with the goal of overriding the Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations.

Today, it is by fraud that Military Decree 24 deceitfully renamed 1999 Constitution, creates One-Nigeria, to continue to override Sovereignty. To understand One-Nigeria, picture a homeowner being at home when a burglar breaks in. So that the burglar can more safely steal, he ties up the homeowner and ransacks the house grabbing every single valuable item, even the food.

Similarly, the illegitimate 1999 Constitution through its Preamble and 68-item Exclusive List etc, ties up indigenous peoples making it easier for the Fulani Caliphate and their willing tool PEPs to acquire their criminal wealth from LOCKING DOWN and then robbing indigenous Ethnic Nations.

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Calling One-Nigeria a criminal enterprise is therefore not an exaggeration and is nothing but the truth. ALL the mineral wealth of Nigeria is in the land including its waters and gets seized using the illegitimate 1999 Constitution as weapon; then the same 1999 Constitution is used to redistribute that stolen wealth to PEPs.

Someone may argue that there is agricultural wealth. That may be, but HOW did many of the big wealthy farmers acquire those farmlands? Was it not through the provisions of the 1999 Constitution that criminally favoured them in one way or another eg via (political) contracts? Plus through laundering of looted funds by conversion into farms and other landed assets? Please do go back to reread the definition of PEP above because for sure, from all angles, One-Nigeria is a criminal enterprise. 

Other parallels with One-Nigeria are Colonial America and Apartheid South Africa. Before Emancipation, America was a Slave Camp and criminal enterprise where the White settlers and their European brethren got fabulously wealthy via imposing by gunpoint the diabolically cruel Slave Code (Laws) and the “America is a White man’s land” Constitution (that is still in operation there). Then in criminal enterprise South Africa the White settlers and their European brethren got fabulously wealthy via imposing by gunpoint the cruel Apartheid Constitution. 

Those who flee One-Nigeria either full-time, part-time, or most of the time, choose to go where government exists to provide “the greatest good/happiness for the greatest number of people” which is certainly impossible in One-Nigeria that does the very opposite by robbing indigenous Nigerians of their Sovereignty, and of everything valuable that they have, including their very lives since the 1999 Constitution puts guns into the hands of the Black Arab immigrant settler Fulani who are hell-bent on a Conquest Agenda to make Nigeria their “estate” as declared by their Ahmadu Bello in 1960 just days after Independence. 

As those who have fled it and those who remain can only confirm, One-Nigeria is a violent criminal enterprise, that overthrew Federal Nigeria which had been the Union agreed upon. One-Nigeria is the Fulani Caliphate-owned master-servant Unitary Union created by the imposed 1999 Constitution.  

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The words of a poster encapsulate One-Nigeria quite well:

  • One-Nigeria is Unitary Nigeria.
  • One-Nigeria is not created by God.
  • One-Nigeria is created by the illegitimate 1999 Constitution.
  • One-Nigeria is imposed upon Nigerians by the political class.
  • One-Nigeria is not the project of indigenous Ethnic Nations.
  • One-Nigeria forces indigenous peoples to flee their homeland (jakpa).
  • One-Nigeria provides a home for Islamic terror.
  • One-Nigeria is the special purpose vehicle of Fulani Conquest Agenda.

Freedom from One-Nigeria can happen by escaping overseas but it is not possible for hundreds of millions of Nigerians to do so, although it would delight the Fulani as they would have easy access to the rich and beautiful lands of Nigerians which they covet and kill for. There is a better and realistic way out:  FREEDOM FOR ALL from One-Nigeria is possible and that is by renegotiating the Union into either a Federation, or a Confederation, or independent Successor Countries. That journey started some twenty-four years ago soon after the 1999 Constitution was imposed. Those who are delaying it by hindering it are the Fulani, the PEPs, and their Helpers (ie the church, NGOs, mainstream media and influencers). 

The strategy for FREEDOM FOR ALL from One-Nigeria has been provided by NINAS the Alliance of indigenous peoples of the South and Middle Belt, organized for Sovereignty and Self-Determination Restoration. Essentially, it involves following the process used in the 1950s that led to creating Nigeria the Federation from three Regions where each ALREADY had its Regional Constitution. Thus, a 2-Step Process would be followed for correct Re-Federation of Nigeria using international best practice: 

Step 1: Just as was done before Independence, Ethnic Nations in formations (Blocs) of their choice would FIRST make their Regional Constitutions.

Step 2: Regional Referendums for Ethnic Nations to vote to either re-commit to the Union of Nigeria, or to go for something else. If they vote to re-commit to the Union, there would be negotiations on how that Union would be, then a Federating Constitution made.

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Facts must now be faced that the 1999 Constitution being illegitimate, cannot acquire legitimacy by any number of “amendments” – as has been acknowledged by many including eminent leaders of thought through the Communiqué of the Patriots after their 18 March 2024 Colloquium on Nigeria’s future. An illegitimate 1999 Constitution means that there is truly no Union Agreement thus no Union. This is a serious constitutional crisis, a Constitutional Logjam, that if not quickly resolved could tear Nigeria apart, but the Five-Point NINAS Proposition stabilizes the situation as there would be immediate Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation using the 2-Step Process summarized above. 

Without doubt, Nigerians are frightened by, and thoroughly fed up with One-Nigeria, a criminal enterprise designed to keep them permanently in bondage to lack, insecurity, and backwardness. Freedom for some from One-Nigeria has been by fleeing abroad. However, FREEDOM FOR ALL from One-Nigeria is possible and that is via the NINAS Transitioning Template of Constitutional Renegotiation for a fresh Union as either a Federation or Confederation. The default position is independent Successor Countries and that option would also bring FREEDOM FOR ALL from One-Nigeria.

Ndidi Uwechue

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.

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