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A mother-to-be is broadcasting the birth of her child live on Facebook.

Ysis, whose blog Channel Mum has nearly 30,000 followers on Facebook, is updating her page with her progress as she prepares to have an induction.

She told her fans she’d arrived at hospital in Wales but all was not going to plan – there weren’t enough beds or midwives available for her.

Ysis, who lives in Wales, already has one son with her husband.

From her hospital bed, she explained: “My planned induction is not going as planned. I have been told by the doctors and midwives they do not have enough beds or midwives to care for everybody today which is incredibly frustrating”

Ysis started her livestreaming from home – she explained to viewers that she was going to have an induced labour at 37 weeks because there was a risk her daughter would develop problems due to growth difficulties.

She later revealed she had further concerns of her own, having developed preeclampsia during her first pregnancy.

Understandably, she wasn’t thrilled that the hospital wasn’t set-up to cater for her.

“They are looking into maybe transferring me to another hospital and see what happens,” she said. “It is just a shame that this has been booked for a week and then you are told you can’t be induced because they don’t have enough people.”

In her third and latest video update, we see Ysis in her hospital bed – she’s attached to a monitor that shows her pulse is high.

“Good news! The induction is going to happen and we’re so happy,” she says, explaining that the couple were very frustrated earlier but that there were suddenly free beds and they were able to move forward.

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Ysis says that she’s thankful for all the supportive comments she’s had on her live updates so far, as thousands of people follow her progress.

Many women shared similar experiences in solidarity with the couple: “Poor u hunni. I had the same happen to me had to be in at 8am after my bed was booked for a week,” said one.

Another added: “Same happened to me. Guess the way you have to look at it is they will always prioritise.”

In her first post, Ysis said she was nervous about broadcasting her childbirth process but was encouraged by the response she received: “I was really nervous about doing this Facebook live labour update but it’s really, really reassuring actually to see all your comments coming through.”

She explains how it would’ve been helpful to her to have seen similar videos before her first child was born, so she hopes to help other women by sharing her own experience.

No doubt more people will follow her progress through the night.

See Video Here:-



Source: Independent.co.uk 

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Paying Social Media Jobs
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