2023 AI: First Robot Lawyer Sets for Launching, To Appear in Court Next Month

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The social media space has been engulfed with a series of reactions after it emerged that a robot” lawyer powered by artificial intelligence will appear in a US court next.

According to reports, the robot lawyer is a first of its kind and was designed to help a defendant fight a traffic ticket in court.

Designed by a US company

In a report reported by the US daily, the robot lawyer was designed by a US intelligence company’s CEO of DoNotPay’.

The CEO of the company, Joshua Browder said the creation is attached to a smartphone that listens to court arguments and formulates replies for the defendant. It does this with the help of headphones.

They have done something similar earlier The AI company has earlier created something similar earlier, they have in the past used AI-generated form letters and chatbots to help secure and recovers people’s fund for onboarding wifi that failed to work. Many people have reacted to this new innovation citing that it may be injurious to lawyers’ legal business, particularly lawyers who have no knowledge about artificial intelligence.

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