2023 Elections: Let there be peace By Professor Ojo Emmanuel ADEMOLA

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2023 Elections: Let there be peace

By Professor Ojo Emmanuel ADEMOLA

Peace is what Nigerians require most right now! The smooth transition to the new progressive government under Tinubu’s presidency, which will be inaugurated on May 29, 2023, is the one area in which the government ought to invest more. The message of peace and prayers for a peaceful transition to Tinubu’s presidency is the one message that the children of God should never tire of preaching and fully engage with the wider Nigerian community. Peace is the most valuable thing on earth and in space for Nigeria. In the national interest, it serves as the foundation and continuity of national development. Nigeria cannot develop into a prosperous nation without peace.

In a press release dated March 25, 2023, the Department of State Service (DSS) once more informs the general public of plans to violently disrupt the country’s peace. Those who are determined to disrupt law and order are urged by the Service to refrain from doing so. It should be recalled that the Service had previously advised political players to adhere to the rules of engagement and to seek redress from the courts when suspicions of violations of existing electoral laws were raised. Some politicians who thought to have been wronged are already taking advantage of this legal procedure. This, without uncertainty, is the magnificence of a vote-based system. It is widely held that this strategy improves security and peace. Everyone should treasure it – particularly the opposition parties should democratically be mindful and be consciously discouraged their members from doing anything to negate and gross demean democratic values of a peaceful transition to the next duly elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of Army Forces.

Thankfully, the current administration is working exceptionally hard to prevent individuals and/or groups from taking control of the law and supporting anarchy. Of course, this is in the national interest. At the federal, state, and parliamentary levels, those spreading fake news, hate speech, and other forms of false narratives to incite violence or pit the people against the current or incoming Tinubu administrations are encouraged to immediately cease and pursue the path to peace and its actualization. That inciting violence has nothing to gain because it will destroy them and the innocent as well. Respected personalities should not use their platforms and or political affiliations to mislead or inspire citizens to disturb the peaceful transition of power and other laudable events of the Buhari administration. To put it mildly, disturbance of any kind from any source is not good news for general order and peaceful coexistence.

As a result, it is in Nigeria’s best interest for the DSS to continue taking the necessary steps to apprehend individuals and/or groups of individuals who do not wish Nigeria well by hindering the peaceful and prosperous coexistence of Nigerians. There is no doubt that such a measure and the strengthening of our collective integrity will ensure that the environment remains stable and robust to allow citizens and residents to vigorously pursue their legitimate businesses and actively engage in positive and prosperous citizenship. At this time, everyone in Nigeria needs to keep in mind the saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.” In a setting that is appropriately tranquil and based on love for our neighbours and selves, we should all be guided and work to strengthen our democracy.

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Every year, world leaders gather at the UN General Assembly to consider the significance of peace. Globally, we typically reflect on the inevitable acceleration of the International Day of Peace on September 21. The United Nations General Assembly has designated this day to reflect on the significance of peace. It is anticipated that world leaders will address some of the issues that pose a threat to peaceful coexistence in their respective nations during this time. As you know, today is March 26, 2023. In a working democracy, every day should be a celebration of peace. The celebration of our Togetherness for peace in light of mutual respect, safety, and dignity is essentially the theme of the annual International Day of Peace ritual.

Progressively, Nigerians ought to be aware of the fact that Together for Peace is all about a peaceful society in which everyone values peace above all else. Peace is not the performance of a single citizen; rather, it is the collective act of active citizenship. A forest can never be made by a tree. Unless everyone in society decides to embrace peace, there will never be lasting peace. Nigeria must be fully peaceful, and peace must be restored to any part of the Nation where there is tension. Peace must continue to reign in Nigeria at this time, all hands must be on deck. We must all allow peace to prevail unhindered.

There is no better time than the present to reaffirm to all Nigerians that Peace through Respect holds the primary key. Respect must be shown to each other. For instance, since all scheduled elections were held and winners were announced following electoral laws and the Constitution, all Nigerians, regardless of political affiliation, must respect the results. Because there can be no peace without respect, that is one of the most important ways to gain global respect. Respect is something that is expected of everyone. Respect is given in return. People respect us more when we have more respect for them. A peaceful society is one with respect. People’s rights are respected in a peaceful society, and democracy thrives in this peaceful environment.

Without a doubt, achieving prosperous national development still relies heavily on the ideal of peace in exchange for security. Yes, there is no way to separate safety from peace. A safe world is one with peace. Nigeria is safe and prosperous when it is peaceful. There will be no safety without peace. Human security can only be established and guaranteed through peace. The most peaceful place on earth is also the most secure globally. Nigeria must begin working toward becoming one of the world’s most peaceful nations. It’s time to get going. Now is the time to do it, and we can.

Declaring that God in His theocratic reign allowed His hands to make and shape the success of the Presidential and National Assembly Elections in Nigeria on February 25 through the gift of democracy, as well as the Governors Elect in the Gubernatorial and States Assemblies Elections that were held nationwide on March 18, 2023, is a dignified approach. “Thy hands have made me and fashioned me:” is written in the Holy Bible. All Governor-Elects, the President-Elect, and everyone else must continue to acknowledge and praise God for their success. What does this mean? It simply means that there are no winners or losers; the goal is to maintain peaceful coexistence in the national interest and to make room for those who have their agendas to extend Olive’s branch to all who have a say so that Nigeria can indeed prosper and deliver democratic dividends to everyone. Nigeria’s collective honesty and wisdom in embracing Peace as Dignity for All is required for this achievement. In essence, the foundation of peaceful coexistence is human dignity. The essence of peace is respect for human dignity and fundamental rights. A nation that values and upholds the dignity of its citizens is peaceful.

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Currently, there is tension in our nation. The drums of war are beginning to be sounded by some individuals and opposition political parties. Please allow me to remind you at this time! At the point when the Jews began their conflict drums, Jesus Christ wept for Jerusalem, saying: ” Wish you were aware of the things that promote peace even now! However, they are now hidden from your view. proclaimed in the Bible (Luke 19:41–42). Following this warning, Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans around 70 AD.

Nigeria needs to stop blaring our war drum right away. Those yelling “war” may not be aware of the significance of peace and its consequences. If the opposition parties, particularly the People Democratic Party (PDP) and the Labour Party (LP), along with their adherents, were aware of the significance of peace, they would not use the call for protest in Nigeria to frustrate innocent Nigerians and attempt to thwart a peaceful transition to Tinubu’s presidency by using their called civil societies and related associations to call for protest against INEC declarations. If political leaders are aware of the significance of peace, they will immediately convey their congratulations to the winners and, in the interest of the nation, propel Nigeria toward the greatness that has been elusive since our independence. They won’t even wait for more misery and hunger-related deaths to occur. Youths will not be ignored by political and religious leaders if they understand the significance of peace; they may not use the youths to cause trouble in the country. To ensure that youths are empowered and gainfully employed, they will work with the incoming Tinubu administration without reservation. If religious leaders, including Men, Women and other children of God, are aware of the significance of peace, they will not be indifferent to injustice. I say it once more if PDP and LP know the significance of harmony they won’t mull over or drive and fund skirmishes of any sort in a circumstance where the country has quite recently come out praiseworthy in a political decision season.

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If everyone in Nigeria understands how important peace is, they won’t think about terrorizing any part of the country. No one will claim to be a citizen of another nation in Nigeria’s blessed land if we are all aware of the significance of peace. No one will deny that they are Nigerians. Any kind of encroachment will be avoided if everyone is peaceful. The ability to exist “economically” and politically without relying on other nations is the Federal Republic or our Independence. Thanks to DSS’s press release on the topic of achieving and maintaining peaceful coexistence, our leaders have demonstrated the significance of peace. We ought to take this as a given that there is no force to harass and intimidate Nigerians.

We must fully engage as active and good citizens because we are a nation of diverse ethnicities. We must embrace the incoming administration, which the president-elect promises will fulfil his renewed hope Agenda with a progressive national government of competence, and peacefully participate in the national dialogue. People in Nigeria must have a strong desire for peace and peaceful coexistence.

Certainly, a nation on the verge of ruin is one in which no one cares about peace or the welfare of the entire population but only their egotism. A nation that is on its way to ruin is one where people no longer feel safe or like to belong. A nation is headed for ruin if the majority of its citizens do not have jobs that pay them. A nation on its way to ruin is one in which the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Most importantly, a nation that does not fear the Lord is doomed.

Conclusively, permit me to appeal to my fellow Nigerians to maintain peace at this point. Let there be peace in our streets, families, in our government, in our schools, in our business centres, and even in our churches, mosques, and other places of worship! Let peace reign wherever we may find ourselves! Let peace reign wherever we may find Nigerians. We pray that peace will always be with us as what I see is one indivisible Nigeria. Let there be peace. Amen!

Ademola is a professor of Cyber Security and Information Technology Management.

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