A 48Yrs Old Farmer Without Pervious Education,Sits For WAEC With Her Child’s Mates

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By Precious David (9News Nigeria)

I Must Be A Nurse! 48-year-old farmer without previous education sits for WAEC with her child’s age mates

Cristina Samuel, a 48-year-old “village farmer” who has always dreamed of being a nurse, but couldn’t due to an early marriage, has joined those currently taking WAEC so she can fulfill her dream.

The mum-of-three sponsors her children to school through money she makes from farming. Her first son is currently a 200-level medical student whose education is sponsored with proceeds from her farming.

She finally decided to go back to school and began saving towards her education. She then quit her farming job to allow her study and is now sitting for the WAEC examination with her “daughter’s agemates”.

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