A Revolution Blowing Against The Sham 1999 Constitution

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Nigeria 1999 Constitution
Nigeria 1999 Constitution
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By Ndidi Uwechue

For the most populous Black country on the planet, the Nigerian System originated by Frederick Lugard
soon after the Annexation of the Southern Protectorate to its Northern counterpart in 1914, but popularly
known as “Amalgamation”, is the foundation for the manufactured ignorance (lack of useful, insightful,
and instructive information) that permeates Nigeria’s society. An extract of the Amalgamation Report
can be found on the NINAS website (at www.ninasvoice.org ) that describes Lugard’s Nigerian System.

Quoting from it:
“Sir Frederick has earned the notorious distinction of being the originator of a system of government –
the product of his exuberant imagination – entitled the Nigerian System. That system has in the pregnant
words of ex-Judge Stocker been described as ‘a set back to a condition of things resembling the
barbarous ages’.

To the natives of Nigeria in particular and of West Africa in general the ‘Nigerian System’ is the most
infernal system that has ever been devised since the days of the Spanish Inquisition for the express
purpose of humiliating and depressing the units of any loyal and progressive community.” (my
emphasis in bold)

The Reader should understand that the ignorance seen in Nigeria today is a PLANNED one, and the
Nigerian masses are victims having been unfortunate enough to be born in a country where the
Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations is overridden, so that they experience the many stunting
aspects of the Fulani Conquest Agenda as declared by Ahmadu Bello in 1960 just days after

Quoting again from the Amalgamation Report which tells us what the three legs of
Lugard’s Nigerian System are:

“The three basic principles necessary for the successful working of the Nigerian System are Ignorance,
Fear and Military terrorism; that is to say, the perpetuation of the natives in a state of idolized
ignorance, the impregnation of their minds with an instinctive dread of the White man and reverential
awe for the fetish of white prestige and the paralysation of their wills by the spectacle of Military
terrorism hanging over their heads like a sword of Damocles.” (my emphasis in bold)

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The three-legged power of the Nigerian System comes from using Fear, the State as a terror, and
IGNORANCE. The most efficient being Ignorance as it promotes Fear, and makes one docile in the face of
State terror from an illegitimate government. The Nigerian System is carried on today through the
imposed 1999 Constitution, a Forgery. Proper educational and health services in a clean and
comfortable environment, needed for the promotion of learning and sharpening of cognitive skills, are
denied Nigeria’s masses.

Although in Chapter 2 of the 1999 Constitution all sorts of welfare, infrastructure and security are promised Nigerians that is only at the whim of whoever is in government since all those things are not enforceable by the exit clause in Chapter 1 Section 6.6C. Moreover, the 1999 Constitution guarantees that there will never be enough public funds to spend on the care and uplift of Nigerians because of an over-bloated system of 812 administrative units to be maintained, and it promotes and protects looting of public funds. (Note: the figure of 812 is the sum of 774 local government areas, 36 states and 1 federal capital territory, plus 1 central government).

Lugard used the Nigerian System to entrench the British colonial system, but now it assists in keeping
Nigeria as an internally colonized “conquered territory” where “never allow them to have control over
their future” would be the lot of Nigerians, just as Ahmadu Bello had stated it would be.

Yet, as always happens, the oppressor is never able to keep all minds subdued to him. There are always
those with a spirit stronger than the oppressor’s, and led by an unquenchable sense of justice and
humanity, start to talk, and write, and do. Their light (of Reason over tyranny) begins to give light to
others. That is what is happening in Nigeria, and in other parts of Africa. So, this could well be Africa’s
century where Africans throw off the age-long shackles of colonialism, and the Era of Ignorance begins
to change into the Era of Reason.

However, the enemy is not sleeping. The Fulani Caliphate has its agents, the indigenous political class
who are their Willing Tools, and they Enforce the 1999 Constitution with its Nigerian System culture, and
Fulani Conquest Agenda. The great reward for Willing Tools to be traitors to their own people is riches-
for-life and opulent lifestyles not only in several places in Nigeria, but also abroad.

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Being Willing Tools, ALL indigenous politicians subscribe to the 1999 Constitution, and those who contest for elections whether or not they win, are eager to swear an Oath of Office to uphold and defend the 1999 Constitution, and the winner actually does do so. One day, it will dawn on Nigerians that the evil happening to them is what all those who were elected into office since 1999, SWORE TO UPHOLD, and that all their politicians subscribe to it.

The pain of hunger and hardship is now leading desperate Nigerians to raid government provisions warehouses and to plunder trucks laden with food items. They are also beginning to make links between their miserable condition to the lavish, boastful living of the Willing Tool political class, and once that connection is tightly made, that new knowledge that the masses kept deliberately ignorant will gain, would be irreversible. This is also a Revolution in itself.

However, the Revolution to end the State Capture and oppression that the political class (and elite) make Nigerians suffer, is the one that targets the fraudulent 1999 Constitution for WHOLESALE Decommissioning. The wind of that Revolution is blowing: people know that the 1999 Constitution is their mortal enemy, and they will rightly include the Willing Tool political class that enforce it as their enemy too.

So, the issue is about SOVEREIGNTY. Sovereignty, as a matter of right belongs to the indigenous Ethnic
Nations only, and not to any politician or group of them, and certainly not to the immigrant settler Fulani. Try as they might to use the State as a terror against despairing Nigerians, “a hungry man loses all

The Willing Tool political class should be able to anticipate the approach of massive civil unrest
and STOP wickedly clinging to a fake Constitution that has been Repudiated by the peoples’ declaration
of Constitutional Force Majeure on 16 December 2020 (recall the fall of Omar al-Bashir’s regime in
Sudan over the removal of subsidies and the increasing cost of bread).

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The NINAS Transitioning Template for Constitutional Renegotiation has been on the Table. It is an ORDERLY PROCESS with NO POWER VACUUM since existing governance structures would be Transformed to Transitioning. The outcome would be a Federation, or Confederation, or independent Successor Countries – the Peoples having Sovereignty will decide.

As NINAS, the Voice of the indigenous peoples says: It is time to do the right thing since a Forgery and
Fraud (1999 Constitution) cannot be accepted as the basis of a Union. Therefore, the choice for the
(illicit) political class is to “surrender unconditionally or be defeated comprehensively”. NINAS can say so
because Sovereignty belongs to the indigenous Owners of their ancestral lands. The wind of change is
here, who cannot hear the sound of a Revolution against the sham 1999 Constitution blowing?

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired
Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she
writes from Abuja.

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