Acting Chairman Persons With Disabilities Niger Delta : Appealing To The Management Of NDDC.

Acting Chairman Inigbelabia Reuben Oba, Of Persons with Disabilities in Niger Delta and other states members Of the association will love to thank Niger Delta development commission (NDDC) for all they have been doing for persons with disabilities.
The last supply of palliative given to PWDs though was misused by some few persons in the organizational, that not withstanding, PWD has changed the leadership of Mr Simon Bidei due to reasons best known to us. We have entrusted our leadership on Mr Inigbelabia Reuben Oba.
We are appealing for PWD to be included in the second batch of the distribution of palliative to cushion the impact of pandemic corona virus. We are the most affected even though we haven’t gotten the virus yet. The PWD are finding it hard to survive when the pandemic corona virus wasn’t there, not to talk of now that there is corona virus and a lockdown to top it all.
We are appealing once again mostly calling on the Acting Managing Director Prof Kemebradikumo Pondei and the chairman of the committee for the distribution of palliative Chief soboma jackrich to include the persons living with Disabilities in 9 States that make up Niger Delta region to include PWD’s in your distribution of palliative. It must be done through Mr Inigbelabia Reuben Oba, who will ensure that these palliatives will be evenly distributed to those affected.
We say a very big thank you for all you have been doing for us, God will continue to bless you. We are proud to inform you that PWD now have qualified graduates in different fields , who are ready to start working. It‘s said “teach a man how to catch fish and stop giving him fish.
Inigbelabia Reuben Oba
(Acting Chairman PWD Niger Delta)


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