An Open letter to the Governor of Enugu State, Amidst Enugu citizens that was shoot because of Covid-19 Palliatives

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As writtened by Nwankwo Paschal

(Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi)

“Greetings my distinguish Governor and my number one chief security officer of Enugu State. My heart bleeds watching the killings happening in Enugu state by police officers and military men. I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of Enugu State and deserves to be protected, just like others who are hoping for your divine intervention to put an end to the security issues in our State”.

“Since last week, we have witnessed series of protest demanding for the “END of SARS” and Police brutality. But I have come to understand that “SARS” have been ended while the police brutality continued”.

“Sequel to the massacre that happened on 20th October, 2020 at Lekki toll gate. So many people were shoot dead while some were injured. With all sincerity, it brought so much anger on the side of Nigerian Youths, this made the peaceful protest to change into a violent one. This is because many of them have lost their Loved ones that was shoot while on peaceful protest. Till this moment, we are yet to get the answer about who ordered the shooting”.

“The protests as it was in other part of the country became violent in Enugu where so many properties were damaged. But I must tell you the truth, I am not happy with the way protestors in Enugu were handled”.

“In as much as those Youths are protesting, it will Interest you that they are all unarmed, and shouldn’t be treated that way. So many of them have been shoot without no intervention from you. You tried by setting up a panel that will look into the requests of the Youths, but the panel that you inaugurated are not the actual people who can calm the protestors down”.

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“I don’t support destroying properties by protestors, but I detest the use of military men and police men against the protestors”.

“With all due respect sir, you don’t need the force in order to calm the situation in Enugu State. All you need are street boys who can talk to them instead of sending military men who will end up shooting them. Enugu youths deserve your protection more than what we have been experiencing for the past two days. Those protestors are common men on the street craving for a better life. You don’t solve problems by killing people”.

“The most annoying part of it is the incident that happened today at Queens college. How can a police officer shoot someone who came to collect what rightfully belongs to him. People came for the palliatives allegedly stored in that school hall, but was shoot dead by a police officer. How can you explain this sir? Some of your aids are saying that there is no palliatives in that compound, but the whole place was surrounded by armed police and army officers. This is something that other states are taking without any gunshot. Why is Enugu State issues so different. Is it a crime to select Representatives amongst them, so as to come and see for themselves and also make a record that will clear the poor masses, but they went on to shoot people as if they are animals”.

“All this happened under your watch as the chief security officer of Enugu State. Will there be anything to justify the souls of those promising youths that was shoot dead today? This guys are not even protesting, but they only came to carry what the federal government gave them to cushion the effect of Covid-19. In case you don’t know Sir, there is so much hunger in Nigeria and people are looking for what they will eat. Even though some of your aids are saying that the palliatives are no longer in the school, but people seems not to believe it because they have lost trust in the system. So many palliatives given to some states have just been discovered during this period; people never believed that such behaviors could be seen in our leaders. That is exactly what happened in Enugu State”.

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“Killing innocent citizens under your care just for the sake of palliative is the worst that will happen in your administration. I am pleading that all the Perpetrators of this shooting that happened today will be brought to book. They are not with any arms neither are they protesting. The souls of those youths deserve Justice. How can they just wake up and start shooting innocent citizens whom they are meant to protect”.

“This are people who voted you with the trust that you will protect them, but it is so unfortunate that you did not fulfill your promise even till their death. They don’t deserve such pain. You told us that Enugu State is in the hands of God! But it’s obvious we are in your hands. The police brutality is still in existence. My heart bleeds watching dead bodies of Enugu youths. Some struggled to survive, but it was not possible”.

“Act and save the lives of a common Man on the street. Those officers must be brought to book, he added.

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