SECURITY: Ifeanyi Ubah activates Community policing

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Charity Begins At Home: Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah spearheads protection of lives and property, activates Community Policing in Nnewi

Even when you dance in a river, your enemies will still cry that you are pouring dust into their eyes… Tarok Adage!

The above adage was said to me by my very good friend, the Former Minister for Sports of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Hon Barr Solomon Dalung, who is a Tarok, an old indigenous tribe of Langtang in Plateau State, who were originally Igbo who migrated and settled there, hundreds of years ago. He made me to understand that sometimes, some people out of self worthlessness, chronic myopia and sheer envy/jealousy, will never subscribe to anything good another person does, even if he lays down his life for them

At a time when the State burns and confusion reigns supreme, some Youths who are in Lagos and Anambra State, have decided to make caricature of the veracity of the current predicament even when it is clear that these people, had been on self imposed lockdown, days before either the Lagos or Anambra State Governments declared such

At a time when the call for the Youths to come out and make a bold stand, some have hidden deep inside their toilet bowls and have resorted to cheap and brainless noisemaking, even when they have zero capacity to influence the Youth wing of their churches, let alone their umunna

I will remind these shameless groups of people that General Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Mike Okpara, Chief Akanu Ibiam and their ilk, all led the people on or before 30 years of age.. All of these keyboard chicken, are at least 30 years of age but instead of rising up to show leadership capacity as they claim to be the leaders of tomorrow, they cower in the comfort of their their toilets (no matter how dirty it is, because that’s the safest place to hide) and rant across social media

Ikemba Igbonine remains the only Politician and Mogul, who has stepped out into the streets to meet with the angry Youths multiple times to try and pacify their anger, which he was able to do. Whatever transpired later, is a different kettle of fish but please don’t get me wrong, I would love for all these critics to kindly make a 10 second video of where they stepped out to address the irate mob in their vicinity as ndi capacity or as true leaders of tomorrow.. Surely, it is easy to accomplish or better still, get their favorite Politician or Big man to do so

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For those who say he addressed his loyalists, no problem.. Kindly assemble your cousins in the streets, who will pretend to be very angry and start burning stuffs in the hood, then address them.. Bottom line, just replicate what Ebubechukwu Uzo did right there on the very street where you live and should have capacity, let’s see

For the past 72 hours, #UbahNation led by the Extremely Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, have been moving around Anambra South tirelessly, trying to keep the peace and maintain law and order to the best of our abilities. This is embodied in the activation of Community Policing aka Vigilante Services of Nnewi, to take over the protection of lives and property in Nnewi. The community tour of the every quarter of Nnewi today was undertaken to announce the activation of thorough vigilante services and zero tolerance to threats to life and property in Nnewi, headed by Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah single-handedly

So instead of hiding and gossiping like teenage girls, let every man who is 30 years and above, step out of his toilet and take control of his immediate environment cause if you had transferred the energy used in gossiping to playing an active role in returning peace and stability in your vicinity, everywhere would have been ice cold by now and the people will know that truly, You are the Leader of Today and Tomorrow

The Prince of the Senate has shown you that it can be done so why don’t you improve on any area you think he didn’t cover, let us all applaud your ingenuity, courage and positive impact on humanity?

  1. Some say that Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah lacks credibility then how come he remains the only bigwig, embraced by all and sundry, in virtually every LGA in Nigeria, from North to South South?
  2. Anambra South has over 30 billionaires and 200 multimillionaires, why is Ebubechukwu Uzo the only one out of all of them, who is freely going around and pleading with the angry Youth?
  3. Even in Nnewi, everyone is looking up to Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah to pacify the angry Youths including the same people who have spent a lifetime, trying to besmirch him at given opportunity, no matter how frivolous. Why?
  4. Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah has single-handedly avoided retaliatory bloodshed in Anambra South even when the inexperienced Security Forces had drawn first blood owing to panic and apprehension, resulting in death in some cases as witnessed in Nnewi. How was he able to pacify the angry Youth, if he doesn’t have the love, respect and trust of the people?
  5. If indeed that Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah addressed only his loyalists everywhere he has been to, doesn’t that show that he indeed has the mind of the people hence why no iota of violence has been perpetuated in his presence?
  6. On the issue of the protests being sponsored by Ebubechukwu Uzo across Anambra South, are the accusers saying the Youth of Anambra South are foolish not to know that their rights are being denied them from the Security Forces to the Government or are they saying that the Youth of Anambra South are so daft that they can easily be invited to actively express their anger even when there is no genuine reason to do so?
  7. Can the accusers above, kindly enumerate for me, the reason why Anambra South Youths don’t deserve to have their voices heard and why they feel these Youths are so worthless, that they have been coerced to lie against their conscience?… I will also love for them to host these angry Youth and expose them as hired people, for the world to see
  8. Does it mean that all other stakeholders and stalwarts in Anambra South will sit idly by and allow their respective Youth be incited under false pretences?
  9. Why then has no stakeholder or stalwart, called his people to order if the anger in the Youth is fake? Why is nobody talking or showing face at all not just in Anambra South but Nigeria as a Federation except Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah or is he also responsible for every protest in Nigeria?
  10. The Community Police went quiet during the protests but have all been activated by the intervention of Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah. Would a man without credibility command such honour from his people at any given point in time?
  11. Where are the self appointed godfathers and social media capacity men during this period or is their capacity limited to using half baked yellow media platforms to propagate unintelligent and subsequently failed fake news against specific targets, owing to their total lack of credibility and respect in the land?
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Few questions however arise:

Gosi m, Ka m fu na-anya !!!

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