Chief Osadolor Solomon Isioma, Esq
Chief Osadolor Solomon Isioma, Esq
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In Nigeria, some ethic promoters are masters of pulling down other tribes, without a cause. However, assuming without conceding that there is a cause, without making good efforts, to absent bias, investigate the cause of the perceived complainant, before making an informed opinion.

This mentality and or group of persons, is/are partly the genesis of our country’s leadership set back, thus, provoking our continuing divide and making it impossible, for national development.

As per the American Jurist, Benjamin Cardozo, on development and principles, he said, ‘’In our worship of certainty we must distinguish between the sound certainty and the sham, between what is gold and what is tinsel; and then, when certainty is attained, we must remember that it is not the only good; that we can buy it at too high a price; that there is danger in perpetual quiescence as well as in perpetual motion; and that a compromise must be found in a principle of growth’’

As a people and a country, brought not by accident but by God and destiny, we must develop the culture, principle and beliefs of living peacefully together as one and be held accountable by our words and actions, in one Nigeria. This spirit of oneness, regardless of where we live in Nigeria, is sacrosanct to national development.

We must know that explicit recognition of equal rights and protections as contained in the extant laws of our country, further recognizes, obligations and opportunities for all Nigerians. 

To fuel ethnicity, that the Igbos as per the recent comments credited to Nnamdi Kanu, now rebutted in his subsequent broadcast, as the reason for the mayhem in Lagos State, is most unkind to our larger Igbo brothers and as such, qualifies as a threat, in the call for national unity.

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The Igbos are not ungrateful people. They are reasonable, patriotic and exhibit a deep sense of acumen and would not betray Lagos or Nigeria.

As we may know, the struggle for position and power, resource control, social class status is in part, the cause(s) of ethnic conflicts. Lagos state is a heterogeneous society and the commercial fulcrum of the continent of Africa. In my words, it is the most beautiful wife of the other good wives of our country Nigeria. We should concentrate on internalizing our mistakes, amending these obvious mistakes and synergize to build a better Nigeria. 

The Igbos have continuously shown sincerity of purpose and strength in diversity, by investing in Lagos state and in all parts of the country as with other tribes. These good faith exercises had brought huge economic benefits with gainful employment opportunities, not only to Lagosians, but to all Nigerians and the world.

It is therefore divisive for anyone to think negatively of the Igbo heritage and involvement, in this totally unacceptable mayhem, witnessed on the 20th October 2020 in Lagos State and other parts of Nigeria ( Igbo land not exempted).

I wish to express my sincerest sympathy to the good/hardworking people of Lagos State in particular and Nigerians at large, for the loss of lives and properties, in consequence of our good faith demands for good governance from those we elected to rule us and manage our common wealth. 

It is my appeal to the APC led administration, to genuinely listen to the yearnings of the youths, amongst their connected demands and engage the tiers of government, to re-work a better course and future for our country. The government should as a matter of urgency, implement the agreed upon reforms as informed by the President, Muhammed Buhari, in his address of 22nd October instant.

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I remind however, that the connected demands of all the youths across Nigeria are not far-fetched. They are the ‘TO DO LIST’/pre-election promises of this government, with the assurance to bring change to Nigerians in two year, upon election. For the avoidance of doubts, I hereby reproduce some of the promises, thus: better electricity, genuine job creation for the youths, improve the quality of our education system, better foreign exchange rates, reduce corruption, defeat Boko Haram, genuinely improve the health sectors, reduce cost of governance and better infrastructures for all Nigerians.

I urge this government to be sincere, clean and give value/democratic dividends to the citizens by fulfilling their pre-election promises. The government should also promote unity amongst Nigerians and assist them, through this healing process, now that calm and normalcy is gradually returning to the land. 

As promised to do justice, is my request to this government, that it brings to book, without fear or favour, all hijackers of the peaceful protests, investigate and prosecute all those involved in the shootings and killings of the unarmed Nigerians, particularly at the Lekki Toll and urgently pursue incentivizing the business owners, who have lost their means of livelihood.

Let us work together in utmost respect to the motto of Nigeria; which is to build a country, in Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress. To have relative peace, there has to be democratic dividends to the people. The government has to be sincere and desist from all material concealment, particularly, in respect to the resources and management of the country. Where there is fairness and equity, there will be peace and harmony, which will bring about the desired progress and prosperity for us all.

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May God heal our land and bless our country, Nigeria.


Chief Osadolor Solomon Isioma, Esq.

Solomon Osadolor Isioma Esq
Solomon Osadolor Isioma Esq

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