Assumpta Roundabout Now Criminal Hideout, Hangout For Destitudes- Call For Govt Action

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From Princely Onyenwe

Destitudes and Criminals in Owerri were caught making use of the popular Assumpta Cathedral Roundabout as their hideout and relaxation point. Maria Assumpta cathedral Roundabout , seat of the metropolitan in Owerri South East Nigeria has lost its value as criminals now use the roundabout as hideout and sleeping place.

Mostly at nights, the roundabout houses hundreds of unidentifiable person trooping from various places and using the place as sleeping ground without any recourse to Justice and fear of security intelligence following the sacredness of the statue.

Criminals from various localities also gather on the roundabout and perform naferious activities without fear of the open location of the roundabout.

9News Nigeria Owerri spotted alot of destitudes who disguise themselves as beggers and mentally challenged to perform their targetted interprises in the wee hours of the night.

Some public kekebus drivers loading passengers within the Cathedral arena complained bitterly on the rising spate of criminal activities going on within the area.

At night the roundabout is used as a hiding place for bad boys and criminal minded people who indulge in stealing, picking-pockecters, snatching of phones and Launching attacks on innocent citizens within this arena.

Crime check has to be beefed up from Bank road towards Umuzuruike Hospital and from Onitsha road towards the Assumpta Rundabout and down to world bank road and Owerri girls towards Heroes square area.

Alot of criminal activities and hangout of Hoodlums, destitudes have increased on daily basis. These bad intentioned people sleep on the Assumpta Roundabout at nights and zoom off in the earliest morning hours to unknown locations. Majority are not from Owerri, 9News Nigeria reports.

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This particular Assumpta Roundabout was marked for demolition sometime by the Hope Uzodinma’s led adminstration but was kicked against by the Catholic Church and still at that the church cannot check on the excesses of criminal activities going on within the roundabout arena.

However, the Policies of Government is for the generality of the masses and for the upgrade of the state for all Imolites. One could wonder why that Assumpta Roundabout has remained after all efforts to demolish and remodel it with the recent traffic lights was stepped down.

A call in the right direction is for the government to as a matter of urgency pursue all destitudes roaming aimlessly in the municipality to restore the decent face of Imo state. A check by our correspodent spotted unidentified persons that uses the Freedom square for hideouts and sexual deals. Even within the Mbari kitchen area such criminal activities are going on at nights.

Government can establish a ministry that will be saddled with the responsibility to take care of destitudes and fetch them off from the cathedral Roundabout and other areas mentioned in this news by 9News Nigeria.

Driving to the entrance of the state, It is bad an eye sore to sight such uncontrollable deposits of destitudes, criminals activities, motor loading and illegal hangouts of agboros within the Cathedral arena in Imo state.

Assumpta Roundabout is not to be used as a sleeping place and hide out for criminals.

9News Nigeria (Owerri) For inquiries on this news contact 9News Nigeria Imo State @08036856526

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