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President Buhari and Fight Against Boko Haram
President Buhari and Fight Against Boko Haram
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By Raph McJulius Enechi

From the word go the objective of this evil organisation has always been evil, evil and nothing but evil and, anti God and His people.

Let me remind my readers that as the saying goes “There is no smoke without fire” the same is true with the emergence and sponsorship of this terror web of killers and janjaweed murderers. 

Boko Haram was raised as an instrument of harassment and destabilisation of a Christian and Southern led government of former President Goodluck Jonathan, just as Sharia was also established in many states across the North to destabilise the government of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999, but this time around it backfired; it boomeranged out of control thereby making the hunters the hunted.

The northern elites who are behind the emergence and sponsorship of Boko Haram forgot that whoever sows whirlwind shall be blown away by it. Notwithstanding the fact that they are playing the game of taking Nigerians for fools and probably playing the game perfectly well, as regards the brains behind boko haram, hence our political leaders in the south especially those in APC in the South West chose to keep quiet and turn blind eyes to the wanton destructions ravaging Nigeria all in the name of politics and lust for power ever since the Buhari administration emerged.

Boko Haram terrorist group
Boko Haram terrorist group

Can anyone still remember the concerted efforts which the north made to make sure Boko Haram was not designated a terrorist organisation? 

It is still fresh in my mind and atimes I say how time flies and what a world of whatever a man sows that he reaps. It took the intervention of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) led then by Papa Ayo Oritsejafor and other like minded individuals and Christian groups going as far as going to beg United Nation (UN) to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organisation before that objective was achieved and, that was after such efforts was frustrated at National Assembly through northern conspiracy and subjugation. 

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So, who is the North and especially Buhari trying to deceive and fool now when they refer to Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation? The question is when did they wake up to the reality of the true nature, agenda and purpose of their hitmen called Boko Haram? Is it because they’re now operating at cross purposes by destabilising their own government and killing their own people instead of killing Christians, those referred to as infidels.  Have President Buhari forgotten that his infamous statement “every clampdown against Boko Haram is an injustice against the North ”? 

What was Buhari and the northern politicians thinking when they supported, sponsored, shielded and abated boko haram and their terrorism, or did they think that this day would never come? Has Buhari forgotten that the terror group once appointed him their chief negotiator which prompted former President Jonathan to say that “if the terrorists appoints you as their chief negotiator then it means you know them”.

Nigeria: Boko Haram attack Maiduguri
Nigeria: Boko Haram attack Maiduguri

Boko Haram became a dog that turned against its owner because after it have accomplished it’s primary assignment which was kill Christians and burn churches, cause anarchy and destabilise the government of the day, thereby fulfilling the promises of making the country ungovernable for Jonathan’s administration and getting the baboon and monkey soaked in blood should Buhari lose the election and, wrestling power back to the North.

 There was no other agenda for them to engage in other than bloodletting and, because they had no much external enemies to attack they turned against the North, the brains behind their emergence. 

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This reminds me of what Alimi of Kwara Emirate said to Afonja of the famous Ilorin kingdom after the latter demanded to know from the former why the Fulani mercenaries were killing and harassing their host, the Yorubas. Alimi said “don’t you know that when you bring mercenaries to fight for you against your enemies and they join you to conquer and defeat your enemies, they will eventually turn against you when there are no more enemies to fight?.” 

I saw this from the movie, “AFONJA”. This philosophy of the Hausa/Fulani have not changed, it’s their way of life and, deeply engraved and rooted in their bloodline and applicable even against themselves.

When Boko haram started, the Northern governors did not hide their biases in the way and manner they handled the issue of condemnation and compensation to victims of numerous terror attacks. 

They were always prompt to condemn any attacks on northern Muslims and swift in paying out compensation to victims, while leaving non-northerners, whether Muslims or Christians to their fate. And I believe they did so because they felt those northernern Muslims were not to have been attacked in the first place. But now that the original targets have been scared away and annihilated either by killing or destruction of their properties, businesses and worship places and there are no more such targets to kill, the chicken has come home to roost, and the hunters have become the hunted. 

But one thing that is clear is that their original intention for the invention of boko haram which is (POWERGRAB) power in the hands of a Fulani fundamentalist have been achieved, howbeit at a very huge cost to them and, to the detriment of their souls and general well-being.  

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In the end the far north is still worse off for it and South better off in all ramifications.

However, not minding the wider effect of the evils and devastations of Boko Haram on the Nigerian state and its citizens, I say let the dead bury their dead.

Raph McJulius Enechi is a Prophet, Author, Poet, Televangelist and, The Senior Pastor of THE BALANCED CHURCH, Lagos Nigeria. He can be reached at

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