Breaking: Collapse Of Imo IICC, An Exposed Scam By Okorocha’s Rescue Government/ Paris Club/Bailout Funds Misused

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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Imo people have expressed worry over the waste of state money on the building of the International Conference Center IICC Owerri whereby casting colony of blames on Fmr Imo State GOVERNOR Rochas Okorocha.

They talked too much and at last the money belonging to Imo state was wasted on sub-standard projects”

This IICC is a true scam by the then Rescue government from a common sense perspective and assessment.

Upon all the Paris club pay, Bailout funds and many coded money (s) engulfed into personal pockets. Shame!!

No doubt, the disappointing collapse of IICC Owerri is causing alot of tensions and reactions that have since been reflecting distress, deep emotions and longing to tarnish the image of Government.

9News Nigeria correspodent gathered that the world over has condemned the poor standard of construction work done on IICC Owerri and therefore using this medium to ask for an immediate recall of the engineering company that did such a bad work.

The money invested in the IICC project is Imo state resources and as such has to be accounted for, no matter the government in who’s time the bad work was executed, Imolites requested.

The people are saying that politics apart, the condition of Imo International Conference Center IICC is woeful.

The International Community has frowned at such a work failing to reach an acceptable construction standard while COREN as a regulatory engineering unit has marked the IICC sub-standard, poorly executed and dangerous as gathered by 9News Nigeria.

9News Nigeria reports that the aching noise has continued as at the time of this report when the pictures in this news were captured, factual and confirmable.


Speaking with an anonymous government official who described the sorry state of IICC Owerri as heartbroken, lamentable, lugubrious, mournful, plaintive, plangent, regretful, rueful and sorrowful.

Hinted that IICC was built by former Governor Rochas Okorocha and GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma cannot drop his 3R policy to start amending or reconstructing IICC when he has a targetted work plan, otherwise, IICC will completely collapse’ the source hinted.

He charged the people of Imo state to access the standard of works done by Rochas Okorocha and compare with the work Hope Uzodinma is executing in the state.

‘Okorocha did more harm than good to Imo state and the earlier the people understand this fact, the better the will support the Hope Uzodinma’s led APC government to improve the state’

Okorocha opened alot of roads he could not complete and wasted huge resources in the name of ‘My people!! My people!!’ government’

The source finally told 9News Nigeria that Imo will not continue to waste state funds and revenue on bad projects when the Ministry of works as a state agency is supposedly saddled with responsibility to supervise and Condemn bad works going on in the state.

Aching pillars of the conference center

Now that Imo International conference center built by Okorocha has collapsed, Imolites are casting spells on Senator Rochas Okorocha and his rescue team for setting Imo backwards in execution of poor works, bad roads cum weak projects across the state.

At the time of this report, 9News Nigeria correspodent in Owerri went round the premises of International Conference Center IICC Owerri to confirm the state of collapse done to the state.

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Front view of IICC Owerri

The inside view of the building has collapsed, the roof is blown off by wind and the side views have posed serious danger to Imo people.The front columns/pillars are aching and posed to fall,9News Nigeria reports.

However, Imo people have expressed worry over the waste of state money on IICC whereby casting blames on Fmr Imo state GOVERNOR Rochas Okorocha.

Sources told us that Rescue Government talked too much and last the money belonging to Imo state was wasted on sub-standard projects.

Inside view of Imo International conference center Owerri

Imo people described IICC as a true scam by the Imo Rescue Government from a common sense perspective and assessment stating that upon all the Paris club Pay, Bailout funds and many coded money (s) engulfed into personal pockets. The work!! work!! work!! Mantra has finally ended in Shame!!

9News Nigeria (Owerri) For inquiries on this news contact 9News Nigeria Imo State @08036856526

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