Breaking: FRSC Officer Push Out Truck Driver Out Of Steering Wheel.

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A middle aged man was today left half dead by the men of Federal Road Safety Corps, Delta state command.

Trouble according to findings started when a Road Safety officer, Mr. C.U Mgbede, with force number: MO702-09869, allegedly jumped into the driver’s truck, and had the driver pushed out of the steering wheel, after few minutes efforts to seize the control of the vehicle failed.
The driver who landed on the tared road was still battling with breath, when other road safety officers lead by Mr. Aneche, aka Biggy, mobilised their colleagues for a rescue mission to an undisclosed hospital, after mob angrily touched the officer involved in the overzealous act.

The Road Safety officials were seen towing the vehicle to their office, after the driver was rushed to the hospital.

Commentators are however worried, that the activities of the Corps, is no longer on the safety of road users, but on extortional drive

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  1. Its very regrettable that those safety men are now fist to fist with those who they should have protected.those involved in such mastered act shall be punished and shown the way out of the corps instead of calling for the scraping of the corps.

  2. It’s very pathetic that people who are supposed to be conerned on the safety of highway users are the ones endangering their lives.

  3. The FRSC should be scrab .The FG should act now. This set of criminals have adopted some many tricks of committing crimes on the highways. Every motorist have tails of stories to tell. Worst of it all, they lack leadership control.
    Come along Aba/Owerri road, they employ young boys who pretend to be selling at there check point only to collect money for the FRSC officers from motorist.
    Some times, they hire some armed NCDSC ladies to do the dirty job of stopping vehicles.
    The duties of the FRSC should be define properly because, they have almost taken over the jobs duties the police.

    I suggest The job of FRSC should be concerned only on saty on the highways. Removing any thing that can cause danger to motorist and other road users

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