Breaking!!!Lai Mohammed Says Igbos Are Hindering The Progress Of Nigeria Not Fulani.

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The Nigerian minister of information, Lai Mohammed has listed what igbos in Nigeria need to do to ensure peace and free flows in South East.

Lai Mohammed made these statements after his indoor meetings today in Abuja with other ministers concerning how to build up Nigerian economy.

In his statement with journalists, he pointed out three things that need to be fixed to ensure their plans for better Nigeria works.

“I want to specifically channel my statement to igbos in South East. I’m making this statement because it is so clear that they are the ones who will never want to hear anything good about Nigeria but rather will continue to glamor for succession. I think it’s a sign of wickedness to become an enemy to your own country.

Since Goodluck Jonathan left the office, the only thing that igbos think about is Biafra which nobody has ever talked about for over how many decades now after the civil war.

Igbos have become a big challenge to the economic growth of Nigeria for the past five years due to their restrictions in all areas that will favour Nigerian growth such as RUGA settlement program which they know very well that it will be beneficial to everyone as there will be continues availability of meat in the country but the igbos have never supported this idea for one day including the igbo governors of south east governors forum . Also the peace campaign and one Nigeria campaigns launched severally my dear president Mohammadu Buhari to ensure peace in Nigeria.

If the only thing igbos care about is their biafra, then they should be ready to meet the Target that will give them their empty dreams. How can you get your biafra when you’re not law abiding citizen and cannot respect government policies?

It is a high time for the government to take serious action on this issues to ensure peace and calmness reign in Nigeria and to actualise our dream of taking the country to the NEXT LEVEL even this period of Covid19 pandemic” he said.

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