Chuma Anene Writes: APC’s Eggs In PDP’s Baskets- How The Fulani Nation Plan To Sustain Mayhem In Nigeria Through Atiku Abubakar

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From Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Atiku Abubakar has been a politician trying to be Nigerians president since from the 90s. And within this period, he has criss crossed all the political parties in Nigeria in that era but to no avail. The closest he came to winning was in 2019 when he contested under People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Watchers of political events acclaimed that he won that election. Courtesy of some underground events, Buhari was announced the winner. In abject disregard for people’s mandate by INEC, PDP went to court challenging this ugly outcome.

Unfortunately for PDP, Atiku who should have taken the lead, backslided haven had closed door meetings with his native compatriots, the Fulanis. All efforts by PDP for Atiku to lead the way for the litigation failed. He had taken sides in supporting Buhari as the president against his mandate and against the people who voted for him and against PDP as a party that was denied their win.

After 2019, he went to the coolers and like a predator he is, had his mind set on the promise of handing over power to him in 2023 through every means possible. Now it is clearer to say that Atiku Abubakar is the next president in the hearts of his brothers in APC and PDP.

Unverifiable sources claim that APC are funding major electioneering expenses of Atiku Abubakar. And the reasons are not far fetched. The fulani want to sustain their jihadist agenda.

That power in the south means total deviation from their set and committed plans. It is common to say that Nigeria is under siege from the Fulani. And that the siege is also sponsored by the govt in power with so much happening unabartedly. We have even heard from people like El Rufai about how they imported hoodlums to help them win elections during President Jonathan’s regime and the hoodlums have refused to go back. So it will be unthinkable to have the Fulani loose the coming elections in 2023.

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The effects will bring so much pain, agony and political suicide for them. To avoid that, they must play the top cards to ensure sustainability of this evil plans. Moreover, because they understand the dangers of having eggs in one basket, they started romancing with PDP’S baskets.

They soon discovered that their eggs can sit comfortably in PDP’S baskets. Tinubu has to be shown human face in the day time but evil face in the night of which he won’t decipher because it is night. They say that the face of the night is the face of evil which are usually not seen. And because Tinubu sponsored Buhari to win, had a strong promise from Buhari to become the next president.

So, it becomes very tough to deny him that promise. Little did Tinubu know about the evil this APC govt had planned immediately after winning the elections. Now that Tinubu is aware of the jihadist movement, he cannot be trusted by this govt to succeed Buhari. And this is where the very APC structure will collapse into PDP for Atiku to win. You can say it is sacrificing APC for Atiku and PDP.

To show how they want a true muslim patrioth to succeed Buhari, the APC chairman, Abdullahi Adamu announced an orchestrated consensus candidate in the person of Senate president, Lawan during primaries in Abuja few days ago. Abdullahi Adamu is not mad to have made such announcement. It was intended to actually stand by testing the waters. That was a desperate moment to foisted another jihadist moron on Nigerians.

Their think tank governors headed by El Rufai felt that this was too easy a plan decided otherwise through Buharis announcement for delegates election to take place. Hope Uzodimma was made the chairman of NWC on the delegate elections.

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A lot of confirmed stories had it that Uzodimma had to disenfranchise many delegates by substituting their names with compromised ones for Tinubu to win. Senate president Lawan was very assured of his candidature that he didnt buy ticket for senate seat in his Yobe state. Now it is a tougher time for him because the person who bought the ticket refused to come down for him. He has lost the presidential ticket and senate seat. In order to achieve this APC eggs in PDP’S baskets, a lot of APC persons and party heavy weights in green and red chambers have decamped from APC to PDP and much more to follow long before the elections in 2023. Make no mistakes about this, Tinubu is not and can never be trusted by the Fulani for the prevailing reasons of jihadist conquest. Supporting Tinubu to win the primaries is the best respect they feel they owe him.

The general elections proper is a different kettle of fish which Tinubu cannot blame the Fulani govt if he fails. After all, the person he brought to power vied for presidency for five times before he succeeded. APC govt doesn’t have a structure with human face who understand corporate millennium language in leadership. They got themselves together like I challenge you take one post kind of local football play.

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Everything about leadership is lacking especially from the Fulani who see governance as status symbol and nothing else. We are in power and to hell with everyone else and anything else. No wonder we are where we are right now. Amazingly, one man right now has activated the spirits of the youths, the educated, the mental and mind liberated and those who genuinely want Nigeria healed from this terminal illness.

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And that person is Mr. Peter Obi. Like him or hate him, he has awaken the docile aspects of us and we are challenged to rise up from our slumber to carry out operation total recall of voting out those responsible for this mayhem in Nigeria. He has shown how frugal he can be with excellent management of man and resources, wealth creation and justice for all. What else do Nigerians want?

This Peter Obi PO movement is without political structures like disgruntled people are saying but I see the structure in those who want better Nigeria for everyone. This man will surely inconvenience Tinubu and Atiku come 2023 presidential elections because I have never seen the will of the people so strong like it is this time. Take this seriously, 2023 will be a different type of elections. It will be called presidential revolutionary elections.

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