EBSU SUG President, Tobias Oshim Ensures Fair Distribution of Governor’s Christmas Gifts to All Students (Photos)

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The Ebonyi State Students Union Government (SUG) led by the President, Comrade Tobias Oshim Nkwegu on Saturday, January 13th, 2024 took a decisive step in the fair distribution of Christmas gifts, generously provided by the People’s Charter of Need Governor, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru.

This initiative by the SUG was a direct response to past challenges, ensuring that the gifts reached every class within the institution, rather than remaining with a select few.

The student body expressed immense gratitude for this gesture from the Governor, who has recently been vindicated in post-election petitions by the Supreme Court. This decision reinforces the Governor’s commitment to student inclusion in state affairs. The students also took this opportunity to celebrate and thank God for the Governor’s continued success.

During the disbursement process, the SUG President, Rt Comr. Oshim Tobias Nkwegu, alongside the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students Affairs, Hon. Comr. Nwafor Joshua, addressed the students. The President emphasized that the gifts were intended for all class members, not just the course representatives, ensuring an equitable distribution.

The SUG leadership openly condemned the rising misinformation and propaganda spread by groups driven by greed. Comr Oshim Tobias Nkwegu reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the gifts reached every student, advocating for unity among student leaders as a pathway to progress. He also reassured the students that this gift was just the beginning of more significant support to come, underscoring that the true value lies in the unity and progress of the student community, not in material gain.

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This event marks a pivotal moment in Ebonyi State University’s commitment to fair and inclusive student welfare practices under the current SUG leadership.

Many students expressed joy and happiness after receiving the Christmas packages. One of the students, Mathew Ndubuisi thanked the Governor and the student Union government in ensuring that the Christmas package reached every class.

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