#EndSARS protest: part 2 of Chief Bonaventure Mokwe dikeh eye witness account at FSARS Awkuzu Anambra state.

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This is a continuation of the earlier piece as captioned above.

After 4 or 5 days that Csp Sunday Okpe, the second in command to O/C James Nwafor brought me out of the condemned cell 5 of AWKUZU Sars , the case has hanged at that point because there was no complainant.

One week, two weeks, three weeks and four weeks, still no complainant. I was practically free in the whole premises. Releasing me is a problem because how do they explain the hotel demolition? Charging me to court was equally a problem because there was no complainant.

An attempt was made through my wife Barrister Mrs Nkeiru Mokwe, to convince me to let it all be one of those things, afterall, that I have a lot of properties and I am alive according to James Nwafor.

My wife made him to understand that, the man she is married to will not understand such preaching. She nevertheless mentioned it to me on one of her regular visits to see me, it ended before she completed the preaching.

That was when James Nwafor voiced out his frustration against the speedy demolition of the hotel. I was stuck with him. Peter Obi practically distanced himself from the incident when in actual fact, he was the one that boxed James Nwafor into a corner.

When all failed, Csp James Nwafor called me and Dr Justin Nwankwo one early and told us that we were being charged to court and bundled us to the magistrate court Onitsha, all to protect the System from embarrassment.

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At the court, we were charged for murdering one Nnaelu Okafor and we were remanded in the prison custody. I called Justin and told him that our combined intelligence can solve the matter. I made him to understand that, for James Nwafor to frame us with the very name, the individual must be a criminal and he must have died. We needed to investigate the name and the prison is the ideal place for such investigation.

We threw away big manisim and started mixing with everyone including known criminals in the prison and we became lucky.

We were able to get all the details of the boy including his town, village and his parents name. We also discovered that the boy was the MASSOB commander at their SILAS WORKS FEGGE ONITSHA BARRACK as they call it.

We then contacted two of my employees outside of the prison and gave them all the details we gathered and told them to buy a tape recorder and trace the parents of the boy .

After some days, they came back and visited us in the prison. They succeeded in tracing the parents of the boy at Ifite Ogwari town and the mother of the boy confirmed every information that we got in the prison and all of it was on tape .

Mr Odogwu and mr Nwanguma of NOPRIN ( NETWORK ON POLICE REFORM IN NIGERIA) was contacted for additional confirmation . Both men went together and eventually confirmed the authenticity of the information.

According to the mother, the son was arrested by the AWKUZU Sars on the 29th of April 2013 as the head of MASSOB. He was arrested at SILAS WORKS FEGGE ONITSHA and taken to AWKUZU. She mentioned the name of the IPO at AWKUZU sars along with many times she took farm produce to him so that his son will be released.

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Meanwhile, Nnaelu Okafor was arrested by Sars on the 29th of April, Upper class hotel incident happened on August 1st , 3 months interval and Sars did not release the boy within the period.

Gentlemen the knockout became total when the woman mentioned the name of the IPO she was sending farm produce to for the release of the son, the Sars officer happens to be our own IPO also.

The woman promptly filled an affidavit in the court affirming the details of Sars arrest of her son and concluded by demanding the bail bond with which her son was released before he was externally killed by another person.

That pretty well killed the set up. The police disappeared and so did Anambra state government. They have been running till date.


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