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From Princely Onyenwe

Cheat in women has continued to grow in our present day society where sex urge could be easily stimulated by indecent dressing, drug addiction and pornography.

Men on their part are also deeply involved in such sex parade mostly now that drug addiction and lawlessness have taken the order in the public range

However, a friend of my posted on his Facebook page the reasons behind such condemnable act by both sexes.

Read below:

Here I am on a Sunday morning chilling like a pair of compressed breasts freed at last from the tyranny of push-down bra only to be confronted by news and commentaries about Ime Udoka cheating on Nia.

My take:

Cheating is bad….let’s get that out of the way.

Most female commentators keep wondering why Ime would cheat on beautiful Nia. I don’t blame the ladies for feeling that way because only a man would know that a good female sex partner has nothing to do with beauty or other decorative attributes.

Trust me on this one. I have a friend who swore to never date another hot looking lady, and he’s been happier ever since. Coincidence? Perhaps. Morale of this comment: don’t spend your hard earned money turning yourself into half human, half silicone.

If you suck at sex, you will still suck after the surgery. Excessive silicone or transferred fat may get you an early look, but it will not guarantee a long lasting, cheating-free relationship.

A lot of men are actually distracted by potentially explosive devices during sex. Trust me, men like all types of breasts, including lifeless ones.

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In fact, a stiff breast on a mature lady pointing upward at the ceiling like a Himars missle can be scary. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT BLEACH YOUR SKIN. A lot of men won’t tell you this, but I will: men hate bleached skin.

Bleached skin cannot be concealed….knuckles and knee caps are stubborn. Bleaching is a HUGE turnoff, and bleached skin looks awful when nature starts to reclaim things.

For most men of substance, bleached skin is a sign of inferiority complex, which is not appealing AT ALL!!

Furthermore, there are enough suitors for EVERY skin tone. Finally, equating light skin to beauty is the most asinine vestige of colonialism. No singular skin tone has a monopoly of beauty and attractiveness. Rock whatever skin tone nature gave you, and thank me later.

Women cheat, but they conceal it better than clumsy men. Whether they cheat as much as men is a separate discussion, but they fantasize as much as men.

I’m sure this comment will spur some women into attacking me, but I stay ready.

As is the case for lower form animals, prehistoric sex for humans was a free for all.

But to ensure that weaker men got some and not get trampled in the struggle, marriage was created to maintain order. So, other than the traditional things you should look for in a potential spouse, you should also pay attention to how compassionate they are, especially toward things that don’t impact them directly, and how law abiding they are.

A compassionate and law abiding person will probably not cheat. Without that, good luck playing detective, Gene posted.


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