I create my Music from my heart I believe hearts can connect like puzzles- Davay King

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My name is Oluwafemi Ayomide David, (Davay King) popularly knows as UBER BOY WEY SABI SINGWell,

I can say I was born into music as my both parents are musicians and also studied music in OAU, but my foundation in music was built by my grandmother who raised me and taught me how to sing in parts from when I was about 4 – 5 years old.

When I was a child, my grandmother would always put on the radio for us to mime every advert songs together in different parts, then there was one for the IFE TOWN which my mum featured in when she was in school and her voice very obvious in it.

I had always as a child want to grow up to do it. Write songs, perform music and be a real big star. So I can basically say it’s my mom and my grandmother Heartfelt” I create my music from my heart…

I believe hearts can connect like puzzles. When you create music from your heart, it doesn’t just come off jiggy and all that rave… it connects to people’s feelings and emotions, that’s my aim in the first place. Songs that you will feel every lyric in your heart.

My creative process is mostly spontaneous, you know… I drive uber and I’m on the road most time of the day… sometimes I just see things, remember things and then a chorus or a line drops in my mind, I want to record it in my phone and after that trip, I may play a beat on my phone to structure it a bit, then develop properly later at night.

Sometimes i just hear a beat and myMind starts taking forms. I have a lot of people on my mind to be very honest from Barry Jhay to Zlatan, Victony, Fireboy, MAYORKUN, Burna Boy, Adekunle Gold but if I must choose just one, it would be Davido lolIt would still be Davido, I’m a super fan of his for maaaaaany reasons Message to my fans is I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SOUL THAT HAS DONE A THING TO SUPPORT ME, DON’T GIVE UP ON ME, I WILL GET THERE AND I WILL BE WORTH YOUR WAIT.Music, this is the talent that has brought me before KINGS and has opened many doors to me.

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If we’re talking about other talents asides music, it would be humor Yes o, that’s my rehearsal room lol… I don’t have a specific song to be honest, but I don’t sing my own songs in the shower, I mostly sing the particular song I’m into from other artists at that moment or any of these Barry Jhay’s inspirational songs.I have mant things I’m sure I’d thrive in if I go fully into, I did photography sometime and I really liked being a photographer, I have a fashion line as well, so I may be into fashion full time or content creation like skit making, influencingMMPRAISE, YABA TO THE WORLD, THE HYPE FEST, ZAMORRA LIVE, TVC WAKE UP NIGERIA and many other amazing places I can’t really remember.

My favorite venues would be anywhere I can perform with a live band, and I don’t think I have least favorite, as long as there’s someone there to listen to me I’m good.I’m cooking up something for February, like a Valentine show called “SINGLE PRINGLES”. My team are already working earnestly on it already and I’m sure it would be a great one I mean, right now…

I feel like the internet is our shop or showroom, people don’t really buy CDs anymore, I think the last I bought myself was psquare or 9ice’s album. Music is now mostly sold and streamed digitally and the show room for that is the internet, so it’s the greatest thing that has happened to music in our generation.Right now, it is WHAT HAPPENED TO LOVE.

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There’s so much emotions in that song because it’s an actual story of mine, a summary of how my last relationship went and ended. So far many people relates to it and give some really emotional reviews.I don’t know if I’m mentioning him too much, but still Davido and that’s because of his work rate. Damn! I don’t know how I would be if I had come from the type of family he came from. I watch him alot, his documentaries, his shows and tours and especially despite the numerous problems and setbacks, he still always finds his way back to his feet. That’s the kind of person I am, people that knows me from years back knows what I have gone through to be here today and I still always feel like… “GOD WHENNNNN” cuz the hunger in me is nothing compared to whatever people are congratulating me for right now. Another person is Kanye West There was a girl (underage at the time) that was madly obsessed with me some years ago, I didn’t know what obsession was until after she started fighting every female around me even without me having any sort of relationship with her or them. Later I found a way to detach and cut off communications with her, then next I knew was she accusing me of rape. Her mom confronted my mum, threatened me with a lot and I was all about how to deal with the situation so it doesn’t escalate cuz I was a worship leader in church. Somehow I was able to handle it and the case was resolved. Then about a year ago, the girl reach out to me and apologized for accusing me falsely, and that she was only hurt of how I didn’t give her the attention she wanted. My grandmother would say in Yoruba “nkan ti ko to, o n’bo wa seku” that means “What is not enough now, is going to be more than sufficient later” and that instilled contentment in me till today.I really feel the industry can do away with beefs and bad bloods, the culture is bigger than one artists success, acts should be encouraged with the love and synergy they see between the big guys not discouraged about the hates and envy. What’s next for me is a sponsor mehn! It’s so so tough being an artist surviving on uber driving income. I have so much to give but too little resources to make them happen.Like I said earlier, I am planning a show for February, I have songs to be released and Promotions has to be done, I have campus tour in mind for 2024 and so many other things. SPONSORES, LOCATE ME IN JESUS NAME ! !!!

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