If even wife doesn’t like his ways why force him down Nigerians’ throat

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I read the news reports about the recent verbal war between the Nigerian First Lady, Aisha Buhari and husband, Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari which also holds the true depiction of what Nigerians would have been doing within themselves that they do not.

It started with the report on the First Lady’s interview with BBC on which she was quoted as warning the president-husband that if he does not take a u-turn on his ways of governance and deliver his promises to the deserving Nigerian citizens, that she, the first-lady-wife may not be at his back come next election.

The report further quoted the first lady as saying that the president-husband, Buhari had consciously employed executive members that he barely knew, and that the president-husband are surrounded by wrong people whose motives and interests were only for their belly and not in any way for the interest of Buhari nor the country they profess to serve.

In the turn of the news, another report from BBC also and other media has recently if not just today reported that the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, husband to Aisha has fired back to the retorts of the wife and therein classifying her as one that belongs to the kitchen.

The president-husband was quoted as saying that he (the president) is now in doubt about the wife’s position as to which side of the parties she does belong currently.

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“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.” the president said while on a visit in Germany where he was received by the German Councillor, Angela Merkel.  The president was standing side by side with the German Councillor when the response to the wife’s criticism in which he said the first lady belongs to his kitchen was made. I wonder what was going on in the mind of the German Councillor on hearing the remark, but then that is not so important as that may be counted as one of our president’s many reality jokes.

The question remains whether the president and his wife are still in the same shoe or has the wife been fed up with the menus the Nigerian president has been dishing out to the battered economic table of Nigeria. Has the first lady seen enough and decided to publicly wash her hands off the whole mess and show the suffering Nigerians that her hands are clean.

But has the first lady’s move really exonerated her from Nigerians’ grudge?

Well, what should be the bone of contention of this write up should be the ostensible displeasure and disapproval of the first lady in the way and manner the president has been handling Nigeria and Nigerians even in the face of hyper deterioration of Nigerian economy and massive suffering of the inhabitants of Nigeria.

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Whereas Majority of Nigerians are dying of hunger and starvation, facing untold hardships talk more of the high risk of insecurity they face every day as in desperation for survival crime has increased, yet the government or those in government are living sumptuously and enjoying great alluring pleasures as if Nigeria has never been this prosperous. In the body and surroundings of those in government there shows nothing of hardship nor famine, but hardship shows on the face of majority of average Nigerians.   Those who can’t withstand and criminal minded citizens have turned to crime and criminality for survival and sometimes only means to fend for their family and dependants.

Everything in Nigeria has dramatically continued to worsen on an uncontrollable pace day by day and yet no body cares to complain openly but decides to murmur instead.

For the first lady to garner some  courage to outburst on her disgust for the way things are going in the country, it should raise concern on the mind of common man on the necessity to force the Nigerians to continue under this kind of hopeless self deliberately inflicted hardship on the citizenry.

I wonder why those that fought tirelessly to put the leaders in power should still be hell bent on forcing the ruler-ship on the helpless and voiceless Nigerians when it has become evident that it does not work anymore.

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If Aisha Buhari should voice out her disapproval, is it not yet time that those that instigated this administration show some remorse and have pity on the poor Nigerians and thereby climb down from where they climbed up.

A stitch in time they say, saves nine.

– By SOE

(This article only holds the view of the writer and not in anyway the view of 9News Nigeria)




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