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“In the realm of legal excellence, one name stands out like a beacon of unwavering commitment and expertise – Barr Ihensekhien Jnr.”

“The Nigerian Silent Heroes’ Award”, an honor reserved for those who have made exceptional contributions to the field of law, is set to recognize the remarkable achievements of Barr Ihensekhien Jnr.”

“Throughout his illustrious career, Barr Ihensekhien Jnr has successfully represented numerous clients in high-stakes legal battles, securing landmark victories and setting new standards of legal excellence.”

Barr Ihensekhien Jnr’s work has positively impacted various communities, industries, and society at large. His involvement in pro bono works, community services and many other initiatives demonstrates his commitment to making a difference.

Barr Ihensekhien Jnr is known not only for his legal acumen but also for his unwavering ethical standards, Barr Ihensekhien Jnr has earned the respect and admiration of peers and clients alike.”

“As he accepts this prestigious award, Barr Ihensekhien Jnr remains committed to pushing the boundaries of legal excellence and continues to inspire the next generation of legal professionals.”
I encourage readers to look forward to celebrating this milestone achievements.

Meet Barr Samuel Ihensekhien Jnr.

(Silent Hero In Law & Advocacy)

With less than two decades in legal practice and human rights advocacy, Barrister Samuel Ihensekhen (jnr) has largely distinguished himself as a beacon of hope in Nigeria’s Legal and social media space as one whose knowledge of the law and activism in the promotion of the rights is not in doubt. Evidently born with some innate abilities that tend towards championing the course of humanity, Samuel had shown early signs of where he was headed even while in primary school.

At Oregbeni Primary School, Benin City, Edo State where he had his early start in education, he had stood out as one of the most brilliant pupils who in no time soon after the completion of his Primary Six got admitted into federal Government College, ibilio,Edo state. And later also attended Word of Faith College, an elite institution founded by Archbishop Benson Idahosa. While there, his academic prowess which eventually manifested in the excellent result, he made in West African School Certificate and National Examination Commission (NECO) examinations. With a relatively well to do family, who cherishes good education, Samuel’s parents ensured he got admission to study Law at the Benson Idahosa University; a pioneer in Nigeria’s private university sector.

On graduation, he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School for the compulsory one year pre-call to bar training. He graduated from the Nigeria Law School and chose to go into private legal practice.Even before being a practising lawyer, he was a law intern and studied law very hard in the law library of Austin osarenkhoe and co(legal practitioners), and during his Nysc had a brief stint with kemi pinheiro and co,san(an intl acclaimed law firm) and thereafter during his early law practice had legal pupillage in law, at the same austin osarenkhoe and co(legal practitioners), emma chur and co,abuja(legal practitioners)before setting up his own law firm.
He has so far been in legal practice for about, more than twelve years with impressive outings. He is a human rights lawyer, activist, humanitarian and a member of the African Bar Association, Nigerian Bar Association and also the Principal Partner of pathLegal & Co, a consortium of legal practitioners and associates. He is also the Country Legal Adviser, of One Love Foundation, also the legal representative of Esan Sons and Daughters; (a one million tribal group organization based in Nigeria diaspora).

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Over the years Samuel Ihensekhen has engaged in a lot of humanitarian services partly based upon which the Nigeria Silent Heroes organizers considered him for award for his commendable work. One of his outstanding services is his pursuit of the right of Gloria Okolie; the young girl who was innocently accused of being a member or associating with the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPoB). Notably, Samuel was behind the #freeGloria Okolie hash tag that trended all over the world more particularly within the Nigerian social media space.

Miss Gloria Okolie was arrested and incarcerated for being in a relationship with a supposed IPoB member. She was detained for more than the constitutionally stipulated 48 hours and was kept in cell for more 245 days, that even draw the attention of then Nigeria vice president in professor yemi osinbanjo. At about 60 days into glory okolie incarceration when it got to the knowledge of barrister Samuel, being someone who has people at heart and having a track record of human rights activities, he liaised with a consortium of activists and as a member of Nigeria’s outer civil society. He constituted a team of civil society volunteers and activists and also led a heavy legal onslaught, particularly the legal team for the girl’s freedom. Consequently due to the fact that there was no merit in what was filed by the federal government against the young girl, the case has quashed midway by the retired federal high court judge, Justice taiwo, taiwo.

Further more barrister ihensekhien Samuel also took the matter to the ECOWAS Regional court where the court pitiably took cognizance of it and at the first sitting, awarded N1million as cost in favour of the said Gloria Okolie and subsequently in a land mark judgement, the fct high court in concise fundamental rights suit has also awarded the sum N60million as punitive damages and other awards suffered by this girl on this case. It was a landmark judgement and interestingly Samuel Ihensekhen was solely instrumental and was behind this case. More importantly, another watershed case handled by barrister Samuel was the widely acclaimed and celebrated ECOWAS judgment on Twitter ban. This has earned him nomination for honours at different Global Foras and acclaimed press interviews by both bbc pidgin, voice of america,washington,Usa, ghana, cameroun tv and other international broadcast mediums.

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In that particular case, Samuel being the second respondent after the matter had been consolidated by the ECOWAS court against the Nigerian government which came with some harsh reasons by the then nigeria government led by President Muhammadu Buhari shut down the Nigerian social media microblogging site called the Twitter service operating in Nigeria. The government did it unilaterally and such act was at variance with international laws and procedure and even Nigeria’s local laws that guarantee the freedom of press of all nigerians.

Samuel solely, was one of the first parties who took this matter to the ecowas court where it was eventually consolidated and all parties argued their case. Acting with SERAP, he was the lead counsel in the matter and he eventually secured judgment for more than 10 million Nigeria users of Twitter . Why that case which was celebrated remains the novel aspect of our law widely acclaimed and used as precedent for other cases at ECOWAS and other international court at the regions of Africa. More importantly, the judgment defined the sanctity, protection and why government must uphold the right to freedom of press of all persons and journalists.

One case before the ECOWAS court he had handled also was the case of press freedom for all journalists in practice. This had stemmed from the frequent clamp down on journalists, activists, with authorities using Section 24 of the Cyber Crime Prohibition Act as a cover. Samuel ihensekhien took the Nigerian government to court on that before the ECOWAS court and a cost of about N750,000 has already been awarded against Nigeria government. The matter has been adjourned to end of September, 2023 for judgement. The young samuel ihensekhien as an activist has also stood in for Nigerians’ right for peaceful protest and assembly. That matter is also before the ECOWAS court and slated for judgement.

More importantly, Samuel was also the lead counsel for the young and helpless security guard named clement sagwak who was assaulted at banex Plaza, Abuja few years ago by a sitting Cct president/judge in (Umar danladi) at the time. Ihensekhien Samuel stood in for the young security guard because there was no body to speak for him. A series of advocacy in the boy’s case was done and widely acclaimed all over Nigeria ,that even the nigeria Senate invited the parties to state their cases. However, ihensekhien samuel jnr peaceful approach to the matter, the case was mediated upon and the two parties have accordingly settled their differences. What is more important is the dexterity, strength to unveil the matter of that high magnitude. He was the lead counsel in the above case even from the first day the matter broke out, he gave the initial press statement in that case

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It is interesting to note also that Samuel Ihensekhien is also an expert in Electoral Laws. Recently, the celebrated case and judgement of the court of appeal inre: Ahmad Chindo ,PDP Vs APC was argued by ihensekhien samuel and upheld which is now a
Locus classicus for all lawyers, electoral experts, lawmakers, politicians, students in the Nigerian Law School. He argued that matter ,which upheld the principle of barring and bringing additional evidence and documents after 21 one days filing of an election petition.it upheld the doctrine of election tribunal non-amendment . As ihensekhien samuel before the court argued and contending that amendment of an election petition cannot be done in a case after 21 days period of filing. That is a water shed for all.This election case has been reported in several journals, Nigerian Weekly Law Report and several other law report. It has upheld the uniqueness of Section 285 of the Nigerian Constitution that after 21 days in electoral petition, a petitioner cannot bring in additional documents and evidence by way of further reply filed. That case is now a watershed, which many Nigerian Law students, lawyers have to read and study.
This is just a little of what this young activist and lawyer has done legally in nigeria.

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