Imo: Demise Of A Legal Icon, Bar George Bush Amadi- A Lesson To Many-(Watch Link,Tributes, Biography Below)

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9News Nigeria

From Princely Onyenwe

Watch below to see a tribute soccer match in his honor.

The people of Umuoma Nekede Autonomous community in Owerri West local government area of Imo state Nigeria and the less privileged across the globe have continued to mourn the sudden exit of a Legal Icon, Bar George Bush Amadi at his peak age of Forty Five 45 years on earth.

9News Nigeria Owerri reports that the demise of the young Icon was a rude shock to the public space.

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His burial therefore brought together creme de la creme of notable dignitaries, youth groups, the judiciary and lovers of goodwill all over the state to bid him last respect to the great beyond.

However, it remains a tough one to come to terms that a soul as erudite, as compassionate, as compelling, as intelligent and as charming as that of Barr George (Bush) Ụkachukwu Ọnọnọgbọ Amadi’s (esq), a legal luminary is no more.

Recall that Late George Bush Amadi passed on in October 2022 afrer a brief illness.

On Thursday, 22nd of December, 2022, a special High Court Valedictory Session was held in his honor at the Imo State High Court within the  Imo State Judiciary Complex, New Owerri.

The emotional and well attended ceremony saw its Zenith with a funeral speech in honor of Barr. George Amadi as delivered by Hon, Justice T.N Nzeukwuto.

George was a Civil Rights Attorney who helped fight police brutality, voter suppression, corruption, State sponsored citizens intimidation, amongst other societal ills. Many of his cases were handled Pro-Bono (free), mostly to support clients who couldn’t afford legal costs.

He was the legal adviser and African Co-ordinator for We4We Media, Val Media and Pinnacle Films, Val Amadi Foundation and We4We Foundation. 

Their CEO, Val ‘Frakas Mo’Fire’ Amadi, remarked, “Under his watch, the foundations were able to extend their hands of comfort to many young adults, the elderly , the needy and disabled persons”

Many youths were empowered with scholarships and businesses. Many poor and elderly received much needed medical attention. Many mentored youth left the streets and its crimes and forged better future for themselves.

Late George Bush Amadi also coordinated various charitable undertakings with his living mother, Lady Lọlọ Idah Chizọmam Amadị,  Sisters – Christabel Chịkọdị, Joy Chizomam, Gladys Ugochi, Georgina Ogechi. Brothers – Theo Emeka, Thompson Jr, Augustine Obinna, Chituru Fortune. He was indeed a stalwart.”

A Christian Wake Keep was held in his honor December 22nd 2022. A team of Bongo musicians, led by Obisco Nwamama played all night in his honor as well.

There was never a dull moment as established and up and coming artists took turns at “Zigmatizing” the microphone.

On the morning of Friday, Dec 23, a planned brief convergence of friends and family to receive his body from the mortuary turned into a fanfare as children, men, women of all age, many on foot, joined up the convoy procession from the West End roundabout in Owerri down to No 12 Bus stop, Old Nekede Road singing and dancing.

There was another extended stop at the number 12 Bus stop where the youth sang and danced and wailed in his honor.

The procession made a right into the Umuezereokam Road and on to the Ọgbakọrọ (Village square) where the professional funeral handlers from APAMS funeral services brought out the casket from the ambulance and performed a well choreographed dance session that had many holding their breath in shock and awe as the casket was acrobatically but professionally tossed around intermittently.

The procession continued to the Late Nze Sir T C.K (George’s late dad) memorial Sports Center where a 30 minute tribute soccer match was played in his honor.

They proceeded back to his family home, the late Nze Sir TCK (Darling Brother) Amadi’s Compound for a brief lying in state session where a very select number of family, loved ones and friends were permitted to see his corps and pray over the family and his soul.

The procession continued to the St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Umuezereokam, Nekede, a church that Barr. George Amadi’s late dad, Nze Sir TCK Amadi (Enyiọha Nekede), Barr. George Amadi and a few others helped start. The service was super emotional but reassuring as the clergy and George’s family (Spoken for by Theophilus Emeka Amadi, Val Frakas Amadi and Chituru Fortune Okpe Amadi) recanted, with deep emotions, memorable moments and events with George when he was alive.

Donations were also made in George Amadi’s honor to support various church projects by the families of Nze TCK Amadi, Duru and Lolo Ednah Okoro (Nee Amadi) represented by Nze Sir Joe and Lolo Anthonia Okoro, Chief Sir Sam and Lady Lolo Florence Okoro, Chief George Chez & lolo Onyeagor Okoro, Lady Victoria Ewekay (Nee Okoro), Lady Grace Ajoku (Nee Okoro), Lady Evelyn Osuagwu (Nee Okoro) and many family members, loved ones and friends and well wishers.

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The procession went back to the family compound where his soul was committed to the mother earth and heavens, having recorded many people feeling sobbed and cried uncontrollably.

Amidst tears some audibly questioning God as to why he had to call up such a dear and  loving soul as George’s at this moment when they feel he was most needed amongst the earthlings.

The funeral turned into a huge Larry as many musicians whose lives George had touched in one way or the other performed into the night. People danced and cheered.

A notable musician in Imo state, Obisco Nwamama, on many occasions and melodiously as well, recanted how George Bush was the first person to identify his talent and made a great move by introducing him to Val Amadi of Val media/We4We Media/Pinnacle Films and entertainment to get him signed and have his debut album, “Ebirilam” released to a worldwide audience.

What a great loss!!The renditions brought tears to the eyes of many observers at the burial site.

While Speaking with one of his lovely brothers, Val ‘Frakas Mo’Fire’ Amadi, In tears he posited that the death of his late younger brother was a huge lose.

No doubt, Barr. George (Bush) Ụkachukwu Ọnọnọgbọ Amadi was bid, with a Painful heart, a Glorious Farewell, by family, friends and well wishers.

Below to see a tribute soccer match in his honor.

Read Tribute and biography below:

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Rest in peace Buddy

A tribute by his brother VAL “FRAKAS MO’FIRE” AMADI reads:

“Bush”, my brother,

“It’s so hard to say goodbye”, especially to a very loving and caring brother who was so passionate about holding tight our family values of love, integrity, transparency, hardwork, tenacity of purpose and Charity (Onye ahala nwanne ya).

From your earlier stages, you seemed very purposeful and driven in your approaches to things, often attracting the attention of your peers and older ones.

That attention and the eyes that folks had fixated on you never dwindled even until your death, necessitating and helping explain more, the amount of emotions ,anger, shock, disbelief, cries, love, compassion and more being felt on the news of your departure to the heavens.

You stood out academically in school. You didn’t hide the truth. You were a straight-shooter. You were very culturally and traditionally sound and grounded, even better than people far older than you. Though you studied history (before Law), you were a naturally-gifted historian that knew the history, locations and positions of family inheritance, properly and acquisitions.

You usually had a conservative, yet very compassionate approach to issues. You were an Enigma. Breath of fresh ideas on situations that require largely radical approaches for resolutions. You were very stern, yet passionate. You were an embodiment of charity.

With you running the affairs of our foundations (Val Amadi Foundation, We4We Foundation, T.C.K Amadi Memorial Foundation, Lady Lolo Idah Chizomam Amadi Charities, etc), we recorded milestones in delivering the goods and goodies to the most needy in our communities.

The countless number of young adults, women and the elderly that have benefitted from our business and educational empowerment schemes and medical outreaches are without a doubt appreciative of our collective efforts.

You were so humble that each time I tried to appreciate your efforts, you would simply say you were just trying to walk in my shoes. I fondly called you “the warrior” and you fondly called me “The Field Marshall”.

Together, We took on a lot of battles and together, we won a lot. You believed so much in me that I got spurred the more into doing things better. You were a great catalyst, a potent enzyme at all times You generally made us all, your siblings, much better people. Thank you.

I was with you in most of the Doctors’ visits and interventions and through it all, you remained promising and in high spirits. We fought hard together to keep you alive but I believe the Lord wanted to use you more and needed you to briefly leave the earth to prepare up in the heavens for bigger and tougher battles to be won. Your battle sword is still sharp and your battle arrow still has the most dangerous piercing tip. FIGHT ON.

As kids, we often heard some older ones express, profess their love for a loved one by saying, “Ụwa ọwụla m’ayọla, ihe rịta gị akọkwalam” – (“When I return to the world after my departure, may I always have a loved one like you”). Brother, I’m saying these words now to the hearing of the heavens and the earth, to the angelic occupants of the heavenly realms and to the spiritually struggling earthlings, even to the stones and inanimate objects that speak not, “Ụwa ọwụla m’ayọla, ihe rịta gị akọkwalam” – “(May I always have a brother like you, in our next visit to this earth “).

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Remain blessed. May your soul rest in peace Amen.

Watch below to see a tribute soccer match in his honor.

Also see biography below as compiled by Prince Theophilus Chukwuemeka, (For the Family)

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LATE BARR. GEORGE UKACHUKWU ONONOGBO AMADI was born into the family of LATE NZE SIR THOMPSON CHIEKEZI AMADI of Umuezerokam Nekede, Owerri West LGA and LOLO LADY IDAH CHIZOMAM AMADI (NEE OKPE) of Umuchima Ihiagwa, Owerri West LGA.

He was the 8th born of his 10 siblings and often stood out as one half of a set of very charming and intelligent twins (a boy, George and a girl, Georgina)

He had his primary education at the famous Central School Nekede (CMS) and had his secondary education at  Nekede Secondary School where he served as a Deputy Senior Prefect (DSP). He was a very intelligent and hardworking student who graduated with a high grade.

He went on to Imo State University, Owerri where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in History and international Relations.

As a university student, he ran for the post of the President of the Student Union Government as part of his efforts and contributions towards creating a better learning and sojourning environment and creating various benefitual opportunities for the students.  He stood out academically and was nicknamed “the professor” by his fellow students and the  academic staff.

After working in various capacities for various Nigerian and international companies and some United Nations affiliated Non Profit Organizations, George, “The Diplomat” proceeded to becoming George, “The Legal guru”.

He earned his Law degree from his Alma Mater, Imo State University, before proceeding to the Nigerian Law School, Abuja and being called to the bar on Nov 29, 2013.

He was the first Lawyer to be produced by his community of Umuezereokam, Nekede. He has helped nurture a lot of young adults and by God’s grace, the badge of “the only lawyer in Umuezereokam, Nekede” that was stamped on him would soon be retired as some of his Mentees would soon become lawyers in the same community. 

He founded and ran the Kemakolam Chambers while collaborating and working with several other law firms and organizations. He served and worked for the famous Ozurumba Chambers under the mentorship of Barr Dr Sam Ozurumba Ejiogu of Owerri, Imo State. He was a very generous young man that gave his all to please others.

As the legal advisor to the Val Amadi Foundation, the We4We Foundation and various other capacities, he had helped empower lots of youth with businesses, job trainings/ placements and several scholarship programs. He’s also provided Pro-Bono (Free) and deeply discounted Legal services to people within the community and beyond, especially those that under normal circumstances couldn’t afford such services.

As a civil rights activist and attorney, he gave free consultations and representations to victims of brutality, oppression, intimidation and other systemically perpetuated societal ills.

He was the legal adviser to several Welfare, Youth, Ụmụada/nde Mgboto bodies within and beyond his home community.

As a talent scout, A & R (Artiste and Repertoire) Manager and an  entertainment industry mover, Late Barr George Amadi  helped bring the likes of Bongo Superstar, Obisco Nwamama to his brother, Val “Frakas Mo’Fire” Amadi, effectively getting Obisco signed to Val’s Val Media/Pinnacle Entertainment/We4We Media imprint while nurturing and developing him into an International Superstar status. The release, to critical acclaims, of Obisco’s debut album,  “Ebirilam” signalled a new era of healthy competition amongst the major Bongo Music stars.

Because of his transparent and straight-shooter personality, he was often chosen to be a fair arbiter in most dispute resolution moves within and beyond his community. He made friends with the elderly and the young, the poor and  the rich, the clergy and community leaders, the political and servant leaders. Late Barr George Amadi who was fondly called “Bush” (From the former US presidents, George H.W and George G.W Bush), “the bar”, “Onye Nma”, amongst many other words and phrases of endearment.

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He was a young man who would do whatever it would take to defend and uphold the integrity of his family. He was a very fierce defender of the family, indeed.

He performed that “Agụ na echemba” role for the family with poise, pride and candour, especially with most of his siblings living outside of Imo State and beyond Nigerian shores and him being the one that was most regularly physical at home. He was a great coordinator and executor of the various needs and challenges of his family and friends

Screenshot 20230108 184240
Late Amadi George-Bush

He was the founder  and president of UMUEZEREOKAM NEKEDE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION (UNEFA).

Since 2003, the UNEFA had organized yearly soccer tournaments which draws in several players and observers from all works of life. These activities go far in helping keep the youth positively engaged while fostering unity and brotherhood amongst the youth and the community in general.

With these yearly soccer tournaments, George did make Xmas more enjoyable and lively for all. With his death, the fate of this year’s and subsequent years’ tournament hopes are up in the air.

Many of his protegee have vowed to, however, have promised to help continue planning and bringing these famous tournaments to the community in his honor.
He was a devoted Christian who believed very much in the efficacy of prayers. He was a communicant and youth leader with the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

He was a pioneer member of St. Andrews Anglican Church Umuezerokam Nekede which was started in the Obiri (rest house) of his father’s compound (Nze Sir TCK Amadi) and he served as the first secretary of the church.

After the Late Nze Sir TCK Amadi helped donate a piece of land where St Andrew’s Anglican Church eventually moved to, George helped organize manual labor and assistance as the new church was built.

While recognizing his commitments to Christianity and things of God, several churches conferred upon him several awards of honor, such as,
(1) “Ezinwa Nwere Ugwu” by St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Umuoma Nekede.

(2) “Distinguished Friend of the Priests” by Praise God Anglican Chaplaincy, Federal Polythenic Nekede.

(3) “Distinguished Friend” by the Anglican Church, Umumbazo Parish, Umualum Nekede
and several others.

He was a very active member of the Imo State Chapter of the Nigerian Bar Association. He was also in the forefronts of the setting up and planned kick-off of the Owerri West LGA’s Lawyers Forum.

He enjoyed football activities, music, social and community organizing, culture, research and writing. He authored a book titled “The Heroic Adventure”.

He had many other works that are ready to be published and several articles and columns as well.

Barr. George Ukachukwu Amadi spoke and wrote Igbo (Owerri dialect), his mother tongue,  proudly and perfectly.

He spoke English language with oratorical finesse and had a good command of the French language. Most times, he had made use of his French Language knowledge and communication skills to help in the ease of trade and personal communications between French and English speakers who needed interpreter assistance within and outside Nigeria.

Screenshot 20230108 184213
Late Barr George-Bush Amadi lying helpless at the court premises Owerri

He is lovingly survived by his Mother, Lady Lolo Idah Chizomam Amadi, his siblings; Theophilus Emeka Amadi; Thompson Amadi Jr; Joy Amadi; Christabel Chikaodi Amadi; Gladys Ugochi Amadi; Valentine ‘Frakas Mo’Fire’ Amadi; His twin sister, Georgina Ogechi Amadi; Augustine Obinna Amadi; Fortune Chituru Okpe Amadi; Victoria “Nma” Amadi; Victor “Boyi” Amadi; Prince Chukwuemeka Amadi and several cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, friends and well wishers.

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Watch this link below to see a tribute soccer match in his honor.

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