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A UN Peace Consultant/ Ambassador, Lawyer, Political Scientist, Clergy, Former Governorship Candidate and Spoke person of i- Gold AFRICA, Barr.Amb.Ikenna Emmanuel has called on Stakeholders and the Government of Imo state to do their fastest best to restore peace and unity to save the state.

Information revealed to 9News Nigeria was that after watching the video of the recent attack on the governor’s residence at Omuma Imo state , Ambassador Ikenna stated the need to help the Governor at this point in time when everywhere is tensed.

He however stated that leadership at all levels is not one man thing; doing it alone will destroy your good intentions.

It is obvious ( not a political statement) that since the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma assumed the position of the new sheriff of the Government house, a lot of issues that threatens the peace of the state is on the increase.

Since the creation of IMO,we’ve been seen and known as a peaceful and organised state,but for over a year now, it’s from one pension saga,to Ohaji boys, to ENDSars issue,to Police Station Burn down, to Rochas Vs Hope Uzodinma Estate Recovery, to Burning of the Governors House and this threat by ipob spokesperson.

We’ve seen the death of a well known lawyer was gruesomely murdered, the killing of OTOTONWA, the Air strike at Orlu and other disturbances too numerous to mention.

This avalanche of instability was how it all began and suddenly BORNO state became a war zone.

Till date a red light indicating no investment zone is on BORNO state,God forbid it happens .

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Any right thinking person should know that insecurity kills economic activities in any given system.

As a Lawyer,Peace Consultant, Clergy ,Political Scientists he has underscored that the road map to economic development and soceital transformation is not possible outside peace .

No meaningful development can happen in an atmosphere of insurgency and rancour.

Let the truth be told,MAJORITY OF IMO people seem not to be happy and comfortable with the way supreme Court handled the 2019 IMO governorship election tussle.

There are a lot of stories that one cannot say openly but be that as it may, Uzodinma is now the governor.

It becomes imperative that he should as a matter of urgency call critical stakeholders like NBA ,NMA,social development groups, Clergy men ,Other political party leaders,Past Governors ,Past Governorship candidates, heads of business establishments,Trade unions etc to an IMO PEACE DEVELOPMENT MEETING.

This should never be like the normal praise singing and sycophantic plenaries that dot our previous political forums where some stage managed guys will take microphone and massage the foolishness of any leader or Governor when the general house is on fire.

This is 100% apolitical and should be received by the Governor in good faith.

He adviced the governor to make no mistake about this, for a Governor’s house in his village to be invaded SUCCESSFULLY, this sad situation strikes a lot of fear in the normal man on the streets of IMO.

No wise investor will come and invest when the state is being de marketed by these serial distractions and social distortions.

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This crisis status of the state will keep him absolutely distracted, it will scare off investors, undermine his intelligence and capacity to lead me if not handled bow.

While we plead with IMO people to take it easy with our Governor Hope, we also insist that he does the needful.

The issue of BIAFRA ,IPOB,ESN should be wisely handled by the Governor like other Governors are handling their FULANI ,Miyatti, Afenefere, ODUDUWA ,Niger Delta Avengance, while we seek for another president in 2023 that will listen and work on the constitution, restructure this country that is about to collapse to the shame and disadvantage of everyone.

While we pray he listens ,we also pray that the lives of over 7million IMOLITES will be protected.

He reminded the Government the saying that “A stich in time saves nine.”Wisdom is profitable to direct”

Let there be peace in Imo and NIGERIA at large.

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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