INSECURITY: Soldier’s Rescue A 1Yr Old Baby crawling in Sambisa Forest That Breast Feed On Mother’s Decomposed Body.

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This picture above with a child of one year plus that was picked up by some Soldiers in Sambisa forest.

This child was spotted crawling in the bush by some soldiers that thought the child was used by some people to ambush them. They comb the Bush but found no one.

So after a while, they watched the child crawled into a big hole after playing, tired and maybe hungry. They followed him gently as he entered the hole.

The Soldiers looked inside the hole and saw a decomposed body of a woman from her waist down her feet, while from her stomach to her head was fresh, though dead. This child crawls into the hole when he’s Hungary to suck his mother’s breast, after which, he comes out to play.

God is wonderful. And worthy to be praised. God preserved that part of his mother’s body to feed the child, and only God Almighty knows how long ago it happened. God kept that child day and night from wild animals. God is wonderfully awesome, God is Great, PRAISE HIM!

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