Man raped by three women traumatised

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Three young women took turns raping a man over several days in South Africa, after they drugged him and held him against his will, say police.

Detectives said the man, aged 23, was left severely traumatised after he was abducted from a taxi and gang raped for three days.

He told police he lost consciousness after being injected with a substance and woke up in a room where he was raped several times a day.

Police launched a hunt for the women and driver, and appealed for information after the man was freed by his captors.

The man, from Pretoria, South Africa, told detectives that the women were inside the taxi, along with the driver, when he hailed it down on May 19.

They were travelling towards the city’s central business district when the taxi changed direction, police spokeswoman Captain Colette Weilbach told Times Live.

She said the man was ordered to sit in the front passenger seat, where one of the women injected him with a substance.

The man passed out and was taken to an unknown location.

Ms Weilbach said: “He stated that he woke up in an unfamiliar room on a single bed.

“The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink an energy drink‚ before taking turns raping him numerous times a day.”

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She said the man went to police after he was dropped off in an open field in Benoni, about 30 miles south of central Pretoria, on May 22.

He was “very traumatised” by the incident and received medical treatment.

Ms Weilbach promised a “robust” investigation, adding: “The South African Police Service take all sexual offences seriously regardless of gender.”

As they hunt for the trio, police are investigating whether the suspects have carried out similar attacks.

Source – Mirror

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