Many against injustice only when it affects them or their own-Yesufu

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“When you could buy rice for N6500 and weren’t bothered there were many who couldn’t buy. Now that you cannot buy rice at N35000 there are many who can and are not bothered.

“We must look at governance beyond how we are personally affected.

“Many of the middle class got to where there are today because of the corruption and expecting them to not vote corruption is wishful thinking.

The question is how to mitigate that choice of voting corruption rather than expecting them to change which is not in our control.

What can the middle class do? Let those who want good governance align and work together and not be invested in those who do not want good governance.

“Many are not against injustice, They are only against it when it affects them or their own.

-Aisha Yesufu

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