Meet Ifé, A Talented Igbo Singer As She Shares Her Life Experience & Challenges (Photos)

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By Wisdom Nwedene

Ifé is a young Nigerian Singer who is doing well in the entertainment industry. She has featured many top Nigerian musicians like Umuobiligbo, etc. Ifé, in this interview with Wisdom Nwedene, revealed her real name, how she is surviving despite the ravaging COVID-19 Pandemic and when she started singing.

She studied music and performing Arts at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Ọka.


Wisdom : Many Of Your Fans Know You As ‘Ife’, Can You Tell Us Your Real Name And Why Did You Choose That Stage Name?

Ifé : My real name is Ifechukwu Mercy Michael. Ifé means light so i chose it from my name Ifechukwu. I am light.

Wisdom : When Did You Choose Singing As Your Career?

Ifé : I have been singing all my life. My parents were musicians. I chose music as a career professionally in late 2018 when i released my first official single Nwa.

Wisdom : What Did You Study At The University?

Ifé : I studied music and performing Arts at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Oka.

Wisdom : Recently, You Dropped A Song Which You Titled “Ulaga”, I Must Tell You That I Really Love The Song. It Has Been On My Playlist. What Motivated You To Drop The Song?

Ifé : Ulaga is a song born out of the happenings around the world. It is my own way of telling anyone who cares to listen that everything would be alright irrespective of our daily life challenges. O ga a di mma.

Wisdom : Over Four Months Now, COVID-19 Has Affected The Entertainment Industry. How Do You Cope Since No Live Shows Again?

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Ifé : I have a team that maximizes my artistry and makes sure I earn away from live shows. That way i sustain. And hope for the best even though i miss Live shows but i know we would be back soon.

Wisdom : As A Young Lady, What Challenges Do You Often Face In The Entertainment Industry?

Ifé : Well, life itself is filled with challenges but i don’t focus on what’s not rather i face what’s here and how to make them better that way i don’t worry about validation or trying to please everyone.

Wisdom : Who Is Your Favourite Nigerian Artist?

Ifé : I don’t have a favourite. I like everyone that does good music. Music that appeals to me and people like me.

Wisdom : What Projects Are You Currently Working On?

Ifé : I’m working on a lot of things, creating contents and most importantly my album.

Thank you for this opportunity. My social media handles are; Instagram/Twitter – @ife_musiq

Facebook page – @ifemusiq

YouTube link :

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