Nanny slavery: UK court finds the Adewakuns guilty

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Dr. Ayodeji Adewakun and her nurse husband, Abimbola Adewakun  who trafficked a ‘slave nanny’ into the UK from Nigeria and threatened to beat her when she asked to be paid  faced prospect of being jailed on 16 June.

The docor,  44, and her nurse husband, aged 48, lured the woman to the UK from Nigeria with promises of a salary of £500 per month.

The couple confiscated her passport as soon as she arrived in February 2007 and subjected her to ‘constant demands and verbal abuse’.

She managed to escape two years later after finally receiving just £350 – the equivalent of a wage of £15 a month.

The couple were convicted of trafficking by a jury at Southwark Crown Court today following an investigation my Scotland Yard’s Modern Slavery and Kidnap Unit.

Jurors were unable to reach a verdict in relation to Dr Adewakun on a charge of trafficking a second alleged victim. Her husband was cleared of that charge.

Judge Martin Beddoe warned the couple face ‘a significant sentence of immediate imprisonment’ before granting them bail until next month.

The couple were said to have persuaded the woman to come and care for their two children in Erith, south-east London, years earlier in 2005.

The 37-year-old victim told Southwark Crown Court she was later forced to work all day cleaning the house, cook for the family and was even woken if the doctor got home late and wanted a snack.

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She met the Adewakuns during their visits back to Nigeria where her father was employed in a similar role by Mr Adewakun’s parents.

The jury heard she was promised £500 per month in a similar arrangement before ‘she too was subject to constant demands and verbal abuse’ from Mrs Adewakun.

She described a typical working day involving cleaning the house, cooking for the family, preparing the children for school, running errands and sometimes working through to midnight before being allowed to finally go to bed.

After being threatened she was ‘lucky not to be beaten like the last girl’, she finally demanded payment in February 2009 – after two years without receiving any money.

A bank account was then opened with a £50 deposit followed by further payments of £100, prompting her to flee the home.

Sentencing will be pronounced on the couple on 16 June.

Source – Daily Mail

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