Ohanaeze Youth Writes INEC, DSS, CJN, Election Petition Tribunal Over Tinubu’s Swearing-In

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From Princely Onyenwe

Following the upcoming inauguration of the President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a pan Igbo group has issued out open letter to the powers that be calling on justice to be done.

The call came to our News desk, with a written petition, signed by the national president Igboayaka and his secretary Ifeanyi Nweke and made available to 9News Nigeria.

The original copy reads as thus:


Greetings honorable men and women, The INEC Chairman, Director General DSS, Chief Justice of Nigeria and Presidential Election Petition Tribunal

Election is part of the incidents of democracy; so delicate an issue and a sensitive process in the very socio-political fabrics of any society, such for examples like Nigeria, and that people and/or institutions saddled with the special tasks and/or responsibilities to make guidelines, handle, organise, conduct and/or make declarations of election results are part of the democratic processes for the common good of any nation and, particularly, for a peaceful coexistence and continuing progression of any country or nation towards her socio-political liberation and/or sustainable developments and to achieve this, things have to be done with spirited efforts and genuine altruism in line with international benchmarks and/or best practices.

In Nigeria, municipally, the acronym INEC which translates into Independent National Electoral Commission, having Prof. Mahmood Yakubu as its current chair or alter ego, is supposedly a Commission in the Nigerian democratic processes in whose shoulders electoral matters are handled without fear, favour, psycho-sentimental drama and/or any adjectival considerations in terms of political party affiliations, ethnicity, religion, econo-political powers or background, etc.

However, in the presidential election held in Nigeria on the 25th day of February, 2023, Nigerians were aware and are still aware, in bewildering disappointments to their devastating consternation, that INEC, as led by Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, surreptitiously bankrolled with drug money, intentionally scuttled the entire electional processes and in a conspiratorial avarice shutdown INEC server to orchestrate the sordid manipulations of the election results or figures to delivering power to Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu as the president elect who was so declared without merit.

The above is a deliberate electoral broad daylight robbery and fraud which would never be allowed, by all means, to stand in Nigeria by the Nigerians, especially the teeming population of the long disappointed youths, whose mandate is mischievously stolen.

Therefore, it is the resolve of the Nigerian people, particularly the youths, that Prof. Mahmood Yakubu should strive at this last opportunity offered by the hearing at the tribunal by becoming penitent and ensure that the real and correct facts of the said doctored presidential election, against the salvaging possibility of new Nigeria as conceived by Obi-Datti and supported by the new generation Nigerians, are presented before our Justices at the tribunal by way of credible pieces of electoral evidence to douse and avert the looming, bloody political earthquakes of the calamitous anger of over 50 million Igbo youths and more millions of Nigerian youths in Nigeria and all over the other countries in the world.

This is a sound of a stern, morbid warning and the Nigerian Government, through DSS, Army, police and any other forms of security designations, must be aware that no barrels of guns, no weaponry or any form of arsenal, spiritual or temporal, can further intimidate the Nigerians, especially the angered youths, to stand up in reclaiming the Nigeria of their collective dream and build same to a new, egalitarian Nigeria for equal benefits for us all and our children.

The Nigerian youths have waited for over 45 years in abject pains of political humiliations, penury, betrayal, economic treachery, lies, political balkanisation and divide-and-rule methodology or gimmicks yet things keep getting worst on each day.

We dare say that no threat of arrest or detention, not even any form of pogrom, can stop us from liberating Nigeria from the hands of political demagogues, profiteers and accessories like Prof. Mahmood Yakubu.

We, therefore, warn Inspector General of police, Usman Alkali Baba, to desist from any iota of despotic behaviour threatening any Nigerian youth in his overbearing quest to install an illegitimate president-elect and/or regime on the 29th day of May, 2023.

Obviously the life as well as the future of every Nigeria Youth, especially the Igbos, is already under threats since 45 years now as a result of corrupt leadership steepped in the foundations of selfishness and personal aggrandisement of few political jobbers of coyotes and vultures who loot and milk Nigeria dry with repugnant impunity.

There are more deadly pro-new Nigerian security experts with portfolios in military cum security espionages, etc, or fiercely, aggressive youths in DSS, Army, Police and in other outfits who are also crying, boiling as well as yearning for a new, better Nigeria. Time has gone when the youths in the DSS, Army, Police etc are used to fight fellow civilian youths.

Both DSS, Army, Police, etc, engaged in the security businesses and whose part of responsibilities is to advise the government against any inflammable situation and/or security issue that may plunge Nigeria into anarchy, chaos or security unrest, must accordingly be of immense help to the Federal government in this perilous time in Nigeria to advise the judiciary that the pervasion of and/or any travesty of justice against the ongoing legal wars to recovering the common mandate held of the Nigerian people by Obi-Datti but stolen by some serial political syndicate as made possible by Prof. Mahmood Yakubu would lead to a perpetual disintegration and virulent chaos if not taken care of wisely with the requisite justice it deserves.

Besides, it is our warning, in furtherance, in the interests of Nigeria that Nigerian government and it’s agents must beef up security around Obi-Datti towards a watertight protection of their lives, that of their families as well as their property for if anything uncanny happens to them, Somalia would be far better than Nigeria, comparatively. Moreso, relatedly, the plans to hurt Obi-Datti must be jettisoned unless Nigeria is ready to test or face us.

Our eyes are on the judiciary as we ask the noble honorable judiciary, particularly our noble Lords: Hon. Justice Haruna Tsammani, Hon. Justice Stephen Adah, Hon. Justice Monsurat Bolaji-Yusuf, Hon. Justice Moses Ugo and Hon. Justice Abba Mohammed who now sit in adjudication over the doctored and bought February, 25th presidential election: “who, among Obi, Atiku and Tinubu, is a common man?” The youths are aware that the judiciary is the hope of a common man in Nigeria!

Screenshot 20230522 161809

My honorable and noble Lord, dear Hon. Justice Haruna Tsammani and your team, Nigeria is in fragile situation in your hands either to be buried or be saved but, at the same time, the teaming Nigeria youths, angered already to their bone marrows, are ready to assist you to bury Nigeria if a devilish politics is held to be prescriptive against the law and/or the true justice the election petitions deserve!

Whether the judiciary likes it or not, time has gone when brown envelopes and other pecuniary cum political promises of benedictions and benefits sneaked into the heads of our apex Justices behind light to rule their judgements!

Therefore, our Justices, who are the chosen members of the current presidential election tribunal, must know that if they become some sorts of slay queens in the temple of justice in a buga dance, courtesy of any undue influence by Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu and his drug cartels, in the instant matter, and wring their hands to slay the justice of the whole case, whether advertently or inadvertently, they would send NIGERIA to a journey of no return and they all, inclusive of their families, must be ready to face the quick and instant consequences of their injustice.

Therefore, we urge the State Security Service, through her Director General, Mr. Yusuf Magaji Bichi, not to abdicate or shirk in his primary responsibility to the government as hereinabove stated for the avoidance of burying Nigeria alife because, this time, it’s either funeral or revival.

The most crucial time in the history of Nigeria requiring the DSS to stand up to their saud primary responsibility of advising the government aright, bearing in mind that forcing or foisting Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu on Nigerians is forcing Nigeria into anarchy and total disintegration, is NOW!

To finality, on important note, we warn Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN ) Hon. Justice Olukayode Ariwoola not to give in to the trap by participate in any illegality of swearing Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu in as the President and Commander-in-chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or else, he shall be ready to sink Nigeria that has already hit by a tornado.

Remain Blessed in the project of taking back Nigeria from the hands of Drug Lords.


Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka
National President Ohanaeze Youth Council OYC

Comrade Ifeanyi Nweke
National Secretary General
22nd, May 2023

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