Opinion: Meet Chyma Anthony, APGA Candidate For Imo East Senatorial District- Chidi Emeagi

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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Nigeria’s political space is such a scum, a dungeon of bandits and jungle of nincompoops and a playground for agents of darkness masquerading as angels of light.

In Nigeria, the most experienced, honest and people of impeccable character don’t make it in anything election.
It’s not just a game of money for the highest bidder but one funny space and business area where common sense doesn’t count at all.

I have always submitted and insisted that there is a very sharp disconnect between experience, integrity and leadership in Africa’s most populous nation.

I have also explained that the sharp disconnect is the reason good governance, effective representation, respect for rule of law and regard for the worth, dignity and sacro-sanctity of human lives are always elusive to us all.

Just look at what had taken place in the past few days in the name of party primaries, a bazaar of sort, an enthronement of thievery and public display of payment for no work actually done.
Most of the candidates produced via this most despicable, roguish and cash and carry process are men and women of easy means.

A lot of them can’t simply explain the very source of their sudden wealth, and the worst aspect of the whole sordid scenario, is that plenty have no inkling as per the offices they are aspiring to occupy.

Of course you know that a carpenter cannot pilot an aircraft lest all on board perish in a matter of minutes.
But there’s one man, whose love, passion for lawmaking are unquantifiable.

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He knows his left from his right. The man is at home with his people and had long done the needs assessment of the people he intends to represent.

Chyma Anthony popularly known as Odiukonamba only on Saturday, 28th May, 2022 emerged unopposed as the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA candidate for Imo East (Owerri zone).

Chyma Anthony is actually not a money bag but he really has the minimum funds required to successfully prosecute and win an election hence his resolve to pitch tent with APGA, and didn’t wait to cross carpet after being dealt with by either APC or PDP.

He believes in the theory of “Let us go” and had kept such in his heart as his guiding principle.
Born in Umuori, Iho-Dimeze in Ikeduru Council Area of Imo State, Chyma Anthony is a good Christian, proud husband of good wife, wonderful family man with lovely and godly children.

Odiuko is a successful business man, Lawyer, International Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator.
He is a product of University of Buckingham among other professional institutes.

Chyma Anthony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law, LLB, BL, an LLM, and yet another Master’s degree in Property Law.
The brand new APGA candidate is the Principal Partner of Chyma Anthony Law Chambers, a firm of about a dozen of lawyers whose commitment to fighting for the rights of the oppressed, the have-nots and the vulnerable cannot be overemphasized.

Chyma Anthony Law firm had done, and is still doing a number of pro-bono cases for many Nigerians that cannot afford legal services but whose rights and existence are always trampled upon by the rich and affluent.


Odiuko is also into humanitarian services. His Poverty Must-Go Foundation, has over the past years brought succor to many families and lifeline to a number of seeming hopeless youths. A lot got startups, while others have got grants to sustain their livelihoods courtesy of Poverty Must-Go Foundation.

Chyma Anthony has consulted and still consulting for several federal government and private agencies. His vast experience in Legislative drafting, nature and structure of the legislature perhaps single him out as the best among those competing with him.

He knows no tutelage on how to deploy the instruments of the legislature to facilitate rural and human development.
Chyma Anthony has got the content, capacity and contacts needed to salvage Ndi Owerri from 2023 going forward.
He is not a noise maker but an admixture of doggedness and strategic action for the common good of the masses.

His well thought-out action plan ahead of his election into the green chambers of the National Assembly include but not limited to: Endless support for full autonomy for Local Government Areas, make strong bills and motions that have direct bearing with the yearning and aspirations of the hoi poloi, hence attracting development-oriented federal projects to Owerri zone.

Erect and maintain functional and accessible constituency offices in the nine LGAs in Owerri zone as well as disbursing 50% of all his allowances in the first nine months to the poor in Owerri zone.

Chyma Anthony’s area of core legislative interest if elected will cover health, job creation, education, industrialization, improvement of living wage for workers, steady gratuity/pension to pensioners alongside sustainable youth development, employment and empowerment programs to tackle unemployment, insecurity, crime and criminality in the land.

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Chyma Anthony ( Odiuko) represents a new dawn, a paradigm shift from the status quo and the long awaited hope of Ndi Owerri zone in terms of effective, efficient and godly leadership that is currently lacking amongst us.

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