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Okigwe North
Okigwe North
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Kenkwo Kingsley Kesaandu (KKK)

All things being equal, in a very reasonable and responsible society, the main aim of any political activities, is to get who is best fit to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people.

The death of Sen. Ben Uwajumogu created a vacuum in Imo North Senatorial District, otherwise known as Okigwe Zone which led us to the polls again for the sole aim of giving us a credible voice at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly.

It was a battle for the APC where we saw aspirants spend so much to clinch the ticket of the people, probably because they all believed that the real election lies in the primary election and not the main election. We all saw what played out and the litigations pre the general election.

I can boldly say that APC came into that election without a candidate. How INEC declared a party without a candidate winner in an election remains a mystery to the good people of Imo North Senatorial District. Such story can only be heard in Okigwe Zone, why us?

Since that election was concluded in December 9, 2020, we have known no peace viz-a-viz several court judgements either stopping one aspirant or the other and vice versa.

We perfectly understandable that no lawyer is handling these cases for free. It has also being alleged that that these Okigwe sons have not stopped ingratiating judges to give them favorable judgements. Must you be a Senator? It thought it should be service oriented.

Okigwe North
Okigwe North

My main concern in all these is that, since you guys have so much money to throw around in the courts, why can’t you invest in Okigwe Zone? Most of them have less privileged people around them seeking for help. You have promised to give us effective representation, why not start now to empower the youths instead of wasting it in court.


When two elephants fight, the grasses suffer like it’s always said. Today, it is the good people of Imo North that are suffering the pain of the tussle of these political heavy weights because with the numerous problems facing us today, we do know who will lay bare our complains at the Senate.

I wonder if these men truly want to give us effective representation or is it purely for self glorification and aggrandizement?

Does it mean, these men are blind towards the state and plight of our zone? Does it mean none can do anything for us without the Senatorial Seat despite their boost of having so much money?

After this huge sum of money being spent at the judiciary, can anyone who manages to get his way into the NASS, at least listen to us not to talk of taking our challenges to Federal Government?

The annoying part is that politicians from other zones have aided in making Okigwe Zone Senator(less) and those of them at home are not even thinking.

Sir/Madam, if truly you love us, come and show off your financial muscle at home by putting some facilities on ground. This will no doubt, make you have a smooth sail whenever you wish to seek for election, instead of forcing yourself on the people.

I think it is high time we have a conversation in Okigwe Zone so as to proffer a solution to this underdevelopment that is ravaging us and shape our politics properly.


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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
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