Owerri West Met To Set New Charter Of Equity, Refutes Consensus Candidates

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From Princely Onyenwe

OWERRI WEST: The leaders of Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State Nigeria have called on the candidates of various Political parties for the upcoming Saturday House of Assembly Election to ignore any statement or Publication made by a ‘select group’ of individuals from the area endorsing any contestants as consensus Candidate.

Hon. Evang. Tony Gray speaking to the audience

The Owerri West leaders across the ten wards in the area met at the country residence of an Apex leader Gen. Ogbonna Tuesday march 14th to chat a New course for the development of Owerri West and to set the record straight to inform the public to ignore such endorsement.

Frm L-R – Gen Ogbonna Rtd, Hon. Sir Levi Oguike, Lands Commissioner and Hon. Buchi Oparaugo seated in the meeting

They however stated that such endorsement(s), if any was made in error and cannot stand against the resolutions made at this recent summit for the upcoming election while calling on all the candidates of various Political parties to go all out and do the politicking and canvas their votes.

Owerri West as an entity has therefore in a strategic meeting, refrained from the adoption of a consensus candidate in the forthcoming Election having witnessed by the colony of Technocrats, Leaders, stakeholders, Various Political party heads, elders statesmen and Youths in attendance.

The meeting was tagged, “Preserving the Unity of Owerri West”

Notable personalities in the area spoke succinctly to aired their views and opinions to synchronize the new charter of equity for the three Political blocs in Owerri West.

Communique was read before the presence of the people at the meeting but was yet to be endorsed as a document for the local government area as agreed.

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Meanwhile thirty three men Committee was agreed to be set up from the three Political blocs that made of Owerri West to join the center decision making.

Leaders at the meeting in Owerri West

Eleven leaders per-bloc are expected to form the Committee aimed at agreeing to put on paper a working document that will stand as a guide and law in the Political settings of Owerri West.

However the need to preserve the unity of of Owerri West was the topmost item of agenda discussed having agreed to chat a new “charter of equity” that will improve the area.

The leadership meeting will surely promote the Political wellbeing of Owerri West and that has actually given credit to the attendants as strong holds of owerri west.

Leaders in attendance are too numerous to mention while the Committee are to be saddled with a unanimously agreed responsibility to resolve lingering challenges bedevilling the area, mostly on zoning formula.

The meeting of Tuesday therefore supercedes and cancelled the former consensus agreement chatted by a select group from the area who went too far to endorse a particular candidate against others without due process, proper consultation and inclusion of all the blocs.

Ebekuodike speaking

Our correspodent reports that the convener of the meeting took a step in the right direction to call for this strategic meeting to brainstorm on possible solution to better Owerri West.

The photos, video clips and list of attendance are enclosed in this News by 9News Nigeria.

See List of attendance attached

The cancellation of consensus candidate to the later which has led to the opening of new charter of equity is a commendable step in the right direction to preserve unity, promote sanity in the process of zoning among the three Political blocs and to better the entire Owerri West local government area.

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The step was accurately made ahead of time to attract the dividends of democracy from government to develop the area.


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