Participating in Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageantry as been my dream and it was a dream come true – Queen Ayomide Adediran

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In this Exclusive Interview Session ,we engage with our guest The Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageant Winner 2022 ,Queen Ayomide ADEDIRAN as she shared extensively her journey so far after winning the pageantry competition , her zeal for Development and Empowerment for Women

Tell us about yourself”.

I am Adediran Ayomide Zainab, 23years, A model and an entrepreneur. A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University were I studied Quantity Surveying. I was raised by a single mother and now ooh yeah she raised me wellI am the current Queen Moremi Ajasoro of Ile-Ife,Osun state.

What plans do you have for your community in general and the youths?.

Looking at the situation of the country and how it has affected the youths , the plan I would have for the youth will focus on education, health, and job opportunities for the youth.

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Do you have plans on creating an entrepreneurship program for the youths at your locality .

YES, Definitely because Creating entrepreneurship program can empower local youths to develop skills and start businesses, which can have a positive impact on the community’s economic growth at large

What plans will you put in place to avert any occurrence of conflicts in your community.

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Conflict prevention measures could include promoting open communication, cultural understanding, and creating platforms for dialogue among community members.
If all of this measures are practiced there would indeed be an aversion of conflicts.

Do you have any other thoughts or insights that you would like to share with us?

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NEVER GIVE UP”, I would say never give up because the present title i am holding i have been pursuing it for the past 5 years and one thing I always told myself was NEVER TO GIVE UP .

I almost gave up because in year 2022, December 3rd when I won . I never prepared for that year I already gave up …..but a friend lifted my soul and yes I fought and I win , indeed grace spoke for me

What would you change if you become God for a day If women ruled the world, what would it be like?

This is big question ooh lol, If I were to be God for a day, I might work to eliminate suffering and ensure fairness and well-being for all.

What does being a modern woman mean to you?

Being a modern woman can mean embracing equality, pursuing personal and professional goals.

If women ruled the world, it could bring about more diverse perspectives and approaches to leadership, potentially emphasizing collaboration and social welfare.

But Leadership is key.

What makes life easier for women or men?

What makes life easier for men or women can vary, but advancements in technology, equal opportunities, and supportive social structures can contribute to ease for both women and men.

If you could break any rule for a day what would you break?

If I could break any rule for the day it would be breaking the rule of time and being able to explore different eras and historical events .

What sacrifices do women make more than men

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The sacrifices women make more than men is juggling work and family responsibilities. It’s a lot.

Why did you decide to compete in this pageant? …

Participating in Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageantry as been my dream and it was a dream come true .
The reason for competing in this pageant was firstly for personal growth, advocacy for the girl child .
The advocacy for the girl child is still what I am pursuing and would

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I envision myself continuing to provide assistance and still helping the girl child become better individuals

What do you think is the biggest problem facing young people today?

Young people today face challenges like mental health issues, education access, and economic uncertainties.

Do you think that pageantry objectifies women?

Pageantry can be viewed differently by individuals; some arguet hat it objectifies women, while others see it as a platform for empowerment and self-expression

What makes you, you?

What makes me “ME” , Is my experiences that I have built up throughout my whole life. Knowledge I have accumulated and my perspectives makes me “ME”.

If you could meet any famous person in history, who and why?”

If I could meet a famous person in history it would be “Leonardo da Vinci “. He has to be the one , because I am wondering how he was able to be a polymath, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. And with all of these titles , he is said to be one of the greatest painter of all time . NO HOW ????

/ “Who is your role model?”

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.18. MY DETERMINATION , IT has kept me going no matter what people say.

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