PHOTOS: Proud Of Made In Nigeria Products- Aba Sets To Push Out Bedsheets, Shoes, Bags, Belts For Sale

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From Princely Onyenwe

Made in Nigeria products can be defined as best bet suitable for the entire people of the country and other neighbouring foreign countries.

Bedsheets Produced in Aba Nigeria

These are Made In Nigeria Products which has passed SON test and made available for sales in the open market.

In the real sense of business, Aba Nigeria can supply to the world just as China is known for massive production of good and services to every part of the world.

Made in Nigeria Bedsheets ready for delivery

However, it is the duty of Nigeria and Abia state government to partner and make sure such huge production companies situated in every part of the country is funded and empowered for more outputs.

The Government are expected to fund entrepreneurs across the states to grant such industry a face lift.

If the Products above are Produced in Aba Abia state Nigeria, then the assurance that more Products can be Produced is not negotiable.

From my research, I have found out that Aba is the Japan of the South East zone and despite all odds, entrepreneurs are doing their best to push out more Products from the local scene.

I am using this medium to call on government and business experts to invest more on entrepreneural circle than wasting resources on irrelevant ventures that cannot give the country any good.

Apart from the above Made In Nigeria Products shared in this story,, States like Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi can boost of locally made Products just like Aba has. There are other local Products like footwears, Vehicle tires, tricycle, Juice, and other Standardized Products being manufactured in Nigeria that can be exported to improve our national revenue base.

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This sector needs funding and proper check to upgrade to international standard. This is where government must come in to help our locally made Products grow from nothing to greatness. It will interest our readers to note that our locally made Products are exported to foreign countries where they compete with other exported Products.

These Products are readily available at subsidized rates and Nigerians are advised to patronize their made in Nigeria producers and be proud to showcase their products.

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