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*This Release Is Stage Managed
The chicken is finally coming home to roost, the game plan is unfolding . Now the aim is achieved, Jonathan is removed and their own is now President and so it is time to let the unused girls go home, but it must be made to look like a real war existed between this government and the merchants of death from the far East.
It is a pity and I weep for my country because many are blind to the game plans of those who sponsored BOKO HARAM and used it to come power.
Since May 29th 2015, I said it at different times that Boko Haram will release the Chibok girls, they will surrender to this government, and this government will in turn grant them amnesty and as well budget a reasonable amount of money for the rebuilding of the North East and rehabilitation of both these Boko Haram members and others displaced, all these are part of the evil plan that gave birth the evil called Boko Haram.
I knew this is what it will come to because many prominent people of Hausa fulani extraction have said that the same measure applied in the Niger Delta, as regarding rehabilitation of the ex militants and the reconstruction of the area be extended to the North East and Boko Haram members even before the escalation of the Boko Haram activities.
This was immediately after the Yar’adua government granted amnesty to the Niger Delta militants and shortly after Jonathan came to power.
I believe, with no iota of doubt in my mind that all these nonsense about Boko Haram is an evil political game plan of the cabal that have held Nigeria captive since independent to discredit the Jonathan administration and return them to power after they were completely displaced from power by the emergence of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo administration, and compounded by the sudden death of of President Umaru Yar’adua. But why must people go to this extent just to gain political power?
As far as I am concerned, everything playing out as concerning Boko Haram and this administration is stage managed to create the impression that this government is super and have achieved what the past administration could not achieve. Everyone else can be deceived but I refuse to be confused.
Mark my words, very soon more of the supposed kidnapped girls shall be released again, to further create the impression that this government is performing extremely well in the area of security, that is also part of the game plan.
Here are some of the statements by prominent and notable Nothern leaders on Boko Haram that I would like you to ponder on.
NASIR EL-RUFAI – “We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes”.
This statement was made by El-rufai, the Kaduna State governor over the Nigerian army clamp down on the Boko Haram insurgents. Is this statement not a confirmation of his support for the dreaded group? Surely, it is an open support and endorsement of Boko Haram by El-rufai, a sitting governor in Nigeria, it’s a shame.
BUHARI – “Clampdown on Boko Haram, injustice against North”. Gen. Buhari made this statement in the National Mirror, June 3rd 2013. In that publication, Buhari said that while the government was pampering the Niger Delta militants, they were killing the Boko Haram members and burning their houses.
As much as I do not support the killing of innocent lives for any reason and under any guise, I must say that their is no basis for comparing the Niger Delta agitation for decades of injustice, neglect and environmental degradation by successive Nigerian governments, led mostly by the Northern oligarchy and Islamic extremist, with the baseless activities of Boko Haram. Now, what is the reason for their rampaging?
They said, they want to islamise Nigeria, and establish an Islamic emirate, where sharia, the Islamic penal code will be adopted and applied as supreme law. Now, can anyone tell me the sense is this agitation? There is none whatsoever.
One question I would want those who compare Boko Haram madness with Niger Delta agitation to answer is, how many civilians, both Nigerians or expatriates have been killed in the cause of Niger Delta agitation? How many religious worship centres were burnt down by the militants in the cause of their fight against the Nigerian State as a result of all the wickedness and atrocities meted to their people and environment? The answer is almost a resounding no.
But we all can remember how Boko Haram started their madness by attacking Christian worship centres and killing scores of innocent Christians, most of them Southerners and my fellow Igbos in particular.
More disturbing in all this is that people like President Buhari and other Northern elites did not see anything wrong with all the wanton destruction perpetrated by the monstrous group.
They kept quiet and never condemned their activities, as long as it doesn’t affect northerners or Muslims.
I could still remember vividly that it was until there was a crack in the relationship between Boko Haram and their political sponsors and the Boko Haram declared war on their sponsors and the elitist Muslim establishment, and carried out their first attack on a mosque that people like Buhari spoke out and said that every northern Muslim should distance themselves from Boko Haram.
Why must a person like Buhari, a former Head of State, even if it was through the butt of the gun wait until this blood tasty group turned against the Northern and Muslim intrest before he could condemn their activities? It goes to confirm that this Boko Haram and their activities are more than meet the eye.
I thank God that in all of this the powers that be in the north who set up the political Boko Haram learnt the hard way that what goes round comes around. They were made to taste what they made other Nigerians to suffer.
Though very annoying is the fact that most of the northerners who suffered this were mostly the downtrodden, not withstanding, these evil elites and religious bigots who thrive in taking advantage of their people’s ignorance still suffered the evil wind which blew no one any good, one way or the other. Yes, they were made to understand what a Nimbo parlance, which says that when the eye begin to cry, the nose is affected also, means.
Finally, as I conclude, I want every right thinking Nigerians to note this and watch out for the manifestation of two things, which I consider the main reason behind the emergence of the Boko Haram as we know it today.
One, the Northern elites created Boko Haram as it is now as a political tool to wrestle power from the South by making Nigeria ungovernable for the immediate past administration.
The wisdom is that if the country is in crisis that administration wouldn’t be able to do much, and when this happens it will be easy to brand the administration ineffective and inefficient, this will in turn make Nigeria people to turn their back on the administration.
This first agenda has been achieved already. It is political caculations like that makes. me to say that the north are more politically concious and wiser than the south, notwithstanding the fact that the south are by far more educated, advanced, esposed and enlightened than the north.
Two, the next reason for over radicalising Boko Haram and using them to cause extreme destruction and devastation in the north east is to attract government patronage, in the way of rehabilitation and reconstruction, just like what happened in the Niger Delta.
This second agenda is behind the clamour for amnesty for Boko Haram members, and at the same time the clamour for the reconstruction of infrastructure in the north east, and rehabilitation of displaced persons from the same zone. Mark my words, this second agenda is as good as achieved already.
Whether parliament approves it or not, President Buhari would veto and do it. He is on assignment to bring this to pass.
Raph McJulius Enechi is a Prophet, Poet, Author and The Senior Pastor of THE BALANCED CHURCH, Lagos Nigeria. He can be reached on Email : mcjuliusra@yaho
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